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3 Best Shopify Apps To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify Store

How much time do you take to shop from Shopify, or how much time spend on a Shopify store? One of the answers to these questions must be – “depends on the store.” So in a way, we can conclude that the appearance and appeal of the Shopify store play a major role for the businesses.

Images, videos, and visual content often work as a great method to add liveliness and vibrancy to the website. But it might backfire, and they can slow the speed of your store and eventually hamper your reputation.

And hence, we have come up with a solution for you, this solution will increase the visuals of your store and add some functionality, and the answer – is to add Instagram feed to Shopify Store.

Why Instagram?

We all know ample social media platforms provide abundant content, but why did we opt for Instagram out of all these? The answer is straightforward – Instagram is a hub of engaging, vibrant, and lively content. In addition, it majorly focuses on visual-based content and provides various facilities under this umbrella. So, whether it’s fascinating images, short-duration videos introducing a product, or a long-duration explanatory video – Instagram has it all.

So, when you opt to embed them using the app, the content on the store streams from the source, and hence the speed of your website remains unaffected. Doesn’t it look like a great strategy? Imagine you own a Visually appealing Shopify store that provides engaging content without affecting the visitors’ browsing experience. Sounds great, right?

So, here is the list of the best Shopify apps that helps you in achieving above mentioned objectives. You can find these apps easily on the Shopify app store and operate them with ease.

Best Shopify App That Helps You To Add Instagram Feed on Shopify Store

As competition is getting fierce in the market, one should have a smart strategy that makes the brand stand out from the crowd, adds great value, and enhances your brand’s reputation and recognition in the market. And hence for your ease, we are listing the best Shopify apps for this purpose. You can easily find them on the app store, and we examined them based on their usage, features, and prices.

1. Instagram Feed by Tagembed

Tagembed has made quite a name for itself in the social media aggregator market, and the tool is known for providing great services and features for budget-friendly prices. It seems like they have figured out the major problem Shopify store owners are facing and hence have come up with the solution. Here are some of the major problems and the solutions that this app provides.

Collecting the content – The app allows you to collect content from your desired source from Instagram. For example, you can collect posts from a selected hashtag or even choose content from your Instagram handle. Moreover, it is compatible with 18+ social media platforms, and hence you never face a shortage of content.

The style of the content does not suit the style of your Shopify store – you have the option to change font style, font size, background, and more under the customization feature. So, select the style that best suits your style and bring professionalism to your store.

Looking to make your website tidier? – Choose from various themes and layouts, and select the one that makes your store more organized and draws visitors’ attention.

There are various types of content on Instagram – the app is compatible with streaming images, videos, and all types of media content without affecting the speed of your eStore.

What if the visitor uses the mobile? – App provides a responsive feed that adjusts itself according to the size of the screen. Hence, it does not matter what device your visitor is using – the charm of your feed remains the same.

Looking for your visitors to buy? – Add the “Buy Now” button with custom CTA and add the functionality of your widget

Analytics, custom CSS, automatic updates are some of the other major features of the website. Moreover, the app provides a free forever plan to make it affordable under any marking strategy.

2. Instagram Feed by Maestrooo

With just a few simple steps, Instagram feed by Maestrooo pulls out all the latest content from your Instagram account and displays them on your Shopify store. You don’t require any coding skill or knowledge or don’t even need to hire any specialist to operate the tool. In addition, by using various themes and layouts, you can add great grace to your store.

3. Instagram Slider Feed by Voidworks

It is another amazing app. It allows you to sync various Instagram accounts and allows you to display combined gallery feeds. They feed on your store updates in real-time, and you also have the option to show likes and comments to your visitors.

Final Words

No one can deny that competition in the market is fierce, and to remain in the race, you need to adopt some smart strategy that provides multiple benefits and helps you stand out from the crowd. You can use the tools mentioned above and have the edge over your competitors. So go ahead, try these apps now and watch your business grow.



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