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5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Call The Roof Contractors And Get The Roofing Checked

Roof repair is a big part of roof maintenance, and one must call in professional roof contractors for regular maintenance and professional repair work. If the roof isn’t checked regularly then you may witness the effects of a bad roof in the form of leakage, seepage, mold growth or other deep structural damages in the entire house. This may end with escalated costs and prolonged repair work. Hence, always keep a “roofing repair contractors near mecontact details handy.

Most roof contractors will attest that the Fall season is the best time for undertaking any work on the roof. Whether you want to repair the roof, reinstall the roof or replace it, any changes should be made in fall. Here are 5 reasons why is the best time to call the roof contractors and get the roofing checked

1.  It Falls After Rains

The juxtaposition of fall between the monsoon and winter makes it the ideal time for roof repair. Rainy season is the season for heavy downpour, storms, lightening and in many cases hailstones. It is also the season where the sun may be sunnier, that is it will hotter than usual when it isn’t raining. All this constant battering will have to be borne by the roof. The shingles will get rusted and there is a chance of water pooling. Furthermore, if a tree or tree branch falls and lands on the roof, it is like to cause damage and accumulation of debris. In the rainy season, on can only climb up to the roof to check it but going on the roof for maintenance would be risky as it would be slippery and there is a chance of one’s falling.

2.  It Falls Before Winter

Likewise, winter has snowfall and hailstorms, both of which are detrimental to the roof’s health. If the roof is not in good condition with the broken or damaged shingles removed or replaced, or some dirt and debris are left atop uncleared, then they may cause aggravated damage to the roof. All the snow and hail accumulating on the roof can seep into house and damage the attic or the choked gutters could cause pooling which can cause deep structural damage affecting the very foundation of the house. Also, emergency repair work during winters will cost more and cause a lot of inconvenience and be hazardous.

3.  It is Comfy for the Contractors

In the sense that during the fall months the roof is dry, and it is safe to climb up and examine it at ease without worrying about safety. Also, with better visibility, where the roof contractors are using drones, they will be able to capture images of damaged parts even in unreachable areas. Clear images of damaged roofs are important especially if you are planning on raising an insurance claim. Also, if any part of the roof is slippery, it is a sign of problem afoot and can be caught easily and fixed.

4.  Cost Effective and Time Efficient

During the summer months, shingles become brittle and break which makes it difficult to pry them out. In fall, the shingles are easier to repair or change. Shingle manufacturers typically recommend installing their products at temperatures of 26 degrees or higher. When the shingles are cold and brittle, they must be pried out manually instead of using roofing guns which get the task completed faster and at a lower cost. Fall is ideal weather conditions for replacing the roof is because roofing must be installed on a clear day when temperature is between 45 to 50 degrees. Asphalt shingles must be affixed using thermal sealing with seal strips which will melt and adhere properly under ambient warmth. Shingles must be properly sealed before winter to ensure that they are air-tight and create a moisture-resistant barrier against frigid temperatures.

5.  Save on Energy Bills

With the roof properly sealed and a strong moisture barrier, it is easier to lock-in the heat within the house, thus, you can save on heating via thermostat and make the house more energy efficient.

Find “roofing repair contractors near me” and have the house ready for the oncoming winters.



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