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6 Reasons Why Startups Must Trademark Their Business

You come across with a trademark everyday and you don’t even realize it. Trademarks are basically the authorized way referring to a brand. Names which majority of consumers refer to as products such as Jacuzzi, Chapstick, Band-aids, etc are in fact specific company trademarks.

These names which most of us recognize as products and resonated with us as go-to things were actually in the preliminary stage just some names. However, the creators of these intellectual properties were one-step ahead of others and registered them as marka tescil.

Today, these have emerged as massive brand names that also play the dual role of product and brand in the market. So, do you see a pattern here? Trademarks are highly significant when it comes to starting a business.

Below we have listed some of the essential reasons why start-up companies must use trademarks.

1) Builds brand recognition

With the use of a trademark, the start up companies can get the security of the brand that you are aiming to build. Since by registering your company for trademark, you are also ensuring that the products or services offered are unique and stand distinct from your competitors.

Therefore, the services or products offered by your start up company remains your intellectual property. This helps in building a strong brand and prevents any third-party from stealing or imitating your offered products or services.

2) Safeguards against facing legal issues in future

If your start up doesn’t register for a trademark then you are vulnerable to facing lawsuits from other competitive companies. Your competitor may register their company for a trademark under the same category as your start up business might have.

Registering for a trademark gives you an upper hand in case of facing lawsuits in future prospects. If you don’t trademark your business then chances are you might have to amend all that you have built for your brand so far such as name, logo, design, etc.

3) Hiring for staff becomes convenient

Brand always imposes a good feeling in an individual’s mind. Therefore, if you trademark your start up then you earn a good image in the market. Candidates will be attracted toward your brand for employment.

Now, for a start up business, manpower is always a plus point for the company to expand and flourish. Not just with hiring, trademarking can even result in employee retention as your business gains goodwill and employees are tempted to stay with a trademarked business.

4) Creates a professional stand for your business

Trademarking your start up brings up a professional and strong side of your company. Trademarks literally play the role of informing your competitors and everyone else in the market that you have faith in your business.

Your startup has a valuable worth which others don’t possess. Trademarking ensures that your startup company is professional and here in the market for serious business.

5) Trademark are valued assets for the company

If your start up registers for a trademark then this exclusive right eventually powers your business as a valuable asset in the future. Your trademark can be used as a valued tool once it matures and secures a steady position in the market.

You can use the trademark to branch out or expand into a new venture. Therefore, as your business grows, trademark further amplifies the worth of your company’s name and reputation.

6) Trademarks are for forever

 Trademarking for your start up means ensuring that your brand will be secured forever. Since trademark doesn’t, only you must renew them periodically.

Your business is protected and can emerge as an inevitable brand once your register for marka tescil.



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