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6 Types of Bong According to the Materials Used

There are multiple ways of taking your THC or CBD these days. You can take them in the form of blunts, joints, oil, wax, edibles, Thai sticks, and so on. However, you keep hearing about bongs for sale for a reason. Bongs are the most easily accessible type of THC product.

A bong is almost always the go-to choice of THC lovers. Therefore, if these people hear of bongs for sale, they would definitely get a peek of the shop. But it can get daunting while choosing the ideal type of bong for yourself.

Bongs are made of different materials and are also available in varying designs. So, this page tells you about the different types of materials used to make bongs. Read throughout the page to be adept with the essential knowledge to make your choice.

1. Acrylic Bongs

You need not break the bank for buying an acrylic bong. Usually, acrylic bongs come at lower prices compared to other materials. Therefore, if you have a budget constraint, this is the type of bong that’s ideal for you. And although they may not have the classy appearance like the rest of the materials, they do the job simply fine.

2. Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are heavier than some other materials, such as glass or plastic. Ceramic bongs are, however, pretty fragile, and therefore, you must avoid carrying them outside too much. Meanwhile, this type of bong is available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, they are easier to construct in various designs.

These bongs are relatively costlier than some other bong materials. This is because crafters curate these products with more artistry involved. However, you should know that ceramic material is not meant for everyday use. Still, they make a great fit for special occasions. They can even be placed as a décor piece in the living room when not used.

3. Silicone Bongs

Silicone is another common material for bongs and has rapidly grown its popularity over the last few years. Bigger glass-making companies in the US have started producing these bongs. As such, silicone bongs are ideal for carrying while traveling as they are highly unlikely to be broken.

So, if your group of buddies has any clumsy smokers, this is the perfect type of bong for them, as you need not worry if they drop it!

4. Bamboo Bongs

Most of the initial bongs were made of bamboo, as they were simple and did the essential functions. Even today, they are made with tubular designs and can be more extravagant when paired with metal, garnish, and paint additions.

Bamboo is good because it is highly durable and can make an excellent bong for you if you want a long-term piece.

5. Glass Bongs

Glass is the most popular material used to make bongs, and many smokers consider it the standard bong type. They are produced in bulk and are found in almost every local smoke shop. Besides, glass bongs disperse a great flavor of smoke and ensure that you get the full taste while smoking. They are, however, very fragile. So, avoid handing a glass bong to a clumsy smoker, or you might regret it later.

6. Metal Bongs

Metal bongs are extremely rare to find. However, they are the most durable types of bongs and are also available at reasonable prices. However, there is a drawback to metal bongs: they change the taste of the smoke, and you can’t be sure about their quality.

With bongs for sale, it is the best time to hit the market. However, ensure to be clear about your requirements. Additionally, you would get many options among the different bong types, shapes, and sizes. So, shop according to your budget and needs.



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