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7 Digital Marketing Trends To Get Ahead In The Game

To say the least, the year 2021 was uncertain.

That meant that although some of the trends projected prior to the pandemic materialized, others did not, with different forced modifications changing aspects of the marketing environment.

With the chaos of 2021 behind us, it’s time to think about what the next 12 months will bring.

Most notably, eCommerce sales will increase dramatically, consumers will spend significantly more time on social media, and video conferencing will become commonplace.

Instead of predicting the trends and downloading software from The Pirate Bay to see how these trends will work in our favor, it’s time we find them out and shed a little light upon them.

1: Live Streams

Many activities were canceled as a result of stay-at-home orders, and customers were unable to attend in-person events. They couldn’t even interact with their friends and relatives.

This resulted in an increase in the number of individuals watching live streams, whether they were branded live streams, live videos from their favorite celebrities, or online workshops.

During the Covid19 lockdown, there was a 50% increase in Facebook Live viewers, while the Instagram viewer number increased by 70%. In 2021, TikTok users also increased in number, and there’s a high possibility that the trend will continue in 2022.

2: Sustainability

Approx 81% of customers strongly believe that businesses should contribute to environmental improvement.

It’s a figure that isn’t all that unexpected.

We’ve witnessed a movement in brands going towards a more sustainable future over the last several years, whether it’s via the materials they use, the packaging they use, their processes, or anything else.

Consumers are actively searching out firms that have a sense of purpose and prioritize eco-friendly goods as the quest for a better planet continues.

Because the world remains unstable, it will be critical for businesses to commit to their sustainable digital marketing efforts in 2022.

3: Inclusivity

With the ‘Black Lives Matter movement emphasizing endemic concerns that exist across all areas of society, inclusivity is one of the biggest mottos to live by in 2022.

According to an Accenture survey, firms that prioritize inclusivity, have a better chance to keep long-term connections with customers. It is because 41% of buyers avoided businesses that don’t represent their views on identity and diversity, and 29% were likely to switch brands entirely if they don’t demonstrate enough diversity.

In 2022, brands that are perceived to be non-inclusive or who do not appear to be participating in the inclusion discourse will certainly face consequences.

Brands that actively promote their support in inclusive causes, on the other hand, will enjoy the rewards and build stronger relationships with their customers.

4: Voice And Visual Search Increase

Consumers are increasingly using voice-activated gadgets like Alexa to conduct searches.

It may happen because people have been confined at home with little opportunities for communication, or maybe it’s just because this sort of technology is more easily available.

However, we may anticipate other innovative search methods, such as visual search, to ascend to the top in 2022, in addition to voice search.

Consumers may use tools like Google Lens to search for whatever they can see. This implies that picture alt-text and sitemaps will become even more important for marketers. Visuals will become increasingly crucial in the SEO game during the coming year.

5: Easy-To-Consume Content

People also leaned on easy-to-consume material in 2022, such as podcasts that can be listened to on the move or newsletters that are delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes.

According to studies, 55% of Americans now listen to podcasts, and mentions in newsletters increased by 14% during the shutdown. Advertisers are using podcasts as an influential advertising medium, which indicates that podcasts will dominate the market in 2022.

Podcasts and newsletters are convenient and easily available content that enable firms to engage with customers better and in a more intimate way that helps them form lifelong connections.

Putting It All Together

Digital marketing trends are essential to remember once you understand the perks of it the eCommerce business environment.

So, when you already know which trends are going to be a hit this year, you should understand how to put them to use so that they act in your favor.

You can gather all your teammates and make them understand how these marketing trends should be incorporated into your business if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

For further questions, ping us in the comment section.



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