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7 Famous Artists Banned In Certain Countries

An artist puts them every bit to make their art near perfect, though there is no road to perfection.

Delineating from the perspective of Creative instinct, an artist must be given complete liberty. But it is the law of the world that not everyone has the same taste.

If you are an artist, you cannot satisfy everyone for sure. This is the reason Censorship and banning regularly takes place in the Art world.

In this article, we are going to discuss 7 Artists that have been banned at different times by different countries from across the Globe.

Famous Artists Banned In Different Countries

In this section, here is a list of famous artists that have been banned in certain countries. Let’s see who they are and why they were banned.

1. Amy Winehouse 

Amy Winehouse is a British soul singer. She was banned from entering the US in the years 2007 and 2009. She was first banned by the US because of her arrest in Norway for drug possession. If you are an Amy Winehouse fan, you could download her songs from It’s free and easy to use!

She was supposed to come to the USA and perform, but she was stopped. She again faced a second ban for further drug conviction and assault.

2. Bob Dylan

Legendary singer Bob Dylan got two of his shows canceled in China. This was due to his link with the counterculture.

In the year 2010, Bob Dylan was barred from performing in Beijing because his earlier song topics were about social Protest and Revolution. Dylan, though, was allowed to perform in China but with the setlist in advance.

3. Katy Perry

The singer was reportedly banned indefinitely from China; she was about to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in China.

In a concert organized in the Taipei Arena, she wore a Taiwanese flag during the concert at Taipei Arena.

And over that, she wore a sunflower dress. Now the sunflower is a symbol of the student movement that protested the Trade Agreement. Of course, China is extremely sensitive to revolutions and uprisings.

4. Walid Raad

Walid Raad is the founder of the Atlas Group. Walid Raad is also a professor of art at the Cooper Union. The contemporary Lebanese Artist was banned from entering the United Arab Emirates in May 2015.

Walid Raad is banned from the United Arab Emirates because of his involvement with the Gulf Labor Campaign.

He, along with cultural figures like Ashok Sukumaran and New York Professor Andrew Ross, was recently barred from entering the country for being members of the Labor Activist coalition.

5. Gloria Estefan 

Gloria Estefan is the queen of Latin Pop. She was banned from performing in her native Cuba.

Not only that, her songs Dr. Beat and 1,2,3 were blacklisted as they could not be played.

Estafan was banned from entering the home country for speaking out against Castro and his regime. Even the husband of Estefan was banned along with her, and they were referred to as Terrorists.

She returned to Cuba in the year of 1979 when the then-American president Jimmy Carter lifted the ban on Americans entering the country.

6. Kazimir Malevich 

Kazimir Malevich is regarded as one of the modern artists of Europe. His retrospective was in an exhibition in Berlin and Munich.

While the artwork raised a lot of praise and accolades in other countries but his home country Russia did not regard him favorably. During the reign of Stalin, Malevich’s art was stamped bourgeois.

As a result, his own artwork was castigated and unwelcomed in his own country. Even many of his artwork was confiscated by Government officials.

7. Madonna 

The queen of Pop was banned from entering Egypt. Prior to entering Egypt, she visited Israel.

The members of the Parliament in Egypt ordered Madonna to be denied entry into Egypt because of her trip to the holy land.

The officials also requested the different embassy’s to stop Madonna from entering Egypt. She is also one of the artists that have been banned from the African country.


It can be concluded by saying that you, being an individual, cannot make everyone happy. If you are an artist, you better be ready to be banned.

An artist is not only an artist but a social activist. An artist must not sigh away from the protest.

Artists must always be prepared for carpet RED Carpet welcome as well as BLACK listed to be banned.



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