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8 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas And Toppings

Let’s all unabashedly admit the truth that a nice creamy cake is all we want. Spongy, thick cake layers topped with chocolates, crunchy nuts, and juicy berries and draped in the velvety frosting are a delight to savor, sense, and behold. This makes you salivate, while the inpouring of toppings gives the cake a delightful speckled appeal. Given below are some of the tempting, beautiful, and easy cake decorating ideas.

Naked Gingerbread Layer Cake

Good news if decorating a cake is not your thing: Naked cakes, which have no icing or little icing, are one of the biggest marriage food things to appear in the last few years. This gingerbread cake’s layers look beautiful on their own, and an ultimate spread of powdered sugar is a gorgeous finishing touch. You can opt for the best cake delivery in Bangalore to get the naked gingerbread layer cake.

Candies and Chocolates

If you are searching for a child’s friendly cake decorating ideas and have no idea about how to decorate your cake? Trust candies and chocolates. Whether you pile chocolates between the coatings, wrap the whole cake with candies and chocolates, utilize them to make initials of their names, or spread them on top, children love cakes that are decorated with sweets, candies, and chocolates. It makes a great birthday cake without icing to satisfy kids.


If you’re searching for something refreshing and light to provide your cake with the flavor of the summer season, then the fruit is the perfect option. In the summer season, nothing can win against berries and fruits. From dried raisins to fresh raspberries, numerous fruits will be ideal for use as a topping on your cake. Your cakes can be themed with seasonal fruit, utilize dried fruit and clementines in winter, and berries in the summer. Slices of fruits can also be added between layers of your cake to give a refreshing sense.


Cake without frosting or icing looks pretty much imperfect. As soon as you eat a part of the cake, the moist icing melts, and soon you get transferred into a wonderful world. By knowing how to make the cream icing, you are in for a tasty treat every week. Whipped cream frosting, ganache frosting, cream cheese frosting, and buttercream frosting are popular icing and can be utilized in many ways, from smooth palette finish to floral designs to piped swirls, and so much more. You can get the most affordable cake delivery in Gurgaon to get cakes with the best frosting decoration.

Edible Flowers

Colorful flowers make everyone delighted. And magic happens when flowers and a cake come together. From sprigs of lavender to rose petals, bring a spring feel to your cake by utilizing blossoms to decorate. The flowers will make your cake appetizing, smell floral, and look very pretty. Bind bunches of blossoms together and lie around the side of your cake or spread edible rose petals or leaves over the cake. Sometimes, decorating your cake without frosting seems pretty good; all you need to do is experiment with your idea.


Whole or melted, marshmallows are an easy way to turn your cake into an art. Pile marshmallows on low or high heat and spread over your classic bake; the preference is yours. Marshmallows are very affordable in most shops, making them a manageable choice for food gifts or birthday cakes. You can try out the best Cake delivery in Bangalore to get cakes with marshmallow decoration.

Sprinkles And Shop-Bought Decorations

If you don’t have much time, the aisle of cake decorating at your regional supermarket can be your lifesaver. From a wide variety of fondant roses, you can find plenty of incredible delights to turn your baking into a masterpiece. One of the most popular ways is with colorful sugar sprinkles – a gorgeous sprinkling and a little bit of buttercream will turn your cake into a multi-colored treat.

Textural Temptations

Ignore slaving away over perfectly smooth sides or angular, sharp edges: textured buttercream has found its spot on the stage. The popular frosting will become the main design factor rather than an easy backdrop, with swirls and swoops bringing movement and texture to layer cakes. Hues is a powerful driver for the advancement of this trend, with natural and elegant color palettes improving the impact even further.


So, these are the collection of easy, simple cake decorating toppings and ideas. Most of them are perfect and budget-friendly for decorating a variety of cakes, including moist chocolate brownies, classic lemon drizzle cake, chocolate cake, and traditional Victoria sponge cake. Also, if you are searching for your child’s birthday cakes, MyFloralKart is the right destination for you. They deliver beautiful and delicious cakes at affordable prices.


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