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A Brief Guide to Select the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

If you have entered the real estate market, tread carefully. The process of buying and selling properties in Dubai greatly relies on the real estate agent that you choose. If you have no prior experience of property buying or selling in Dubai, be careful and sharp in selecting a real estate agent.

Here are a few helpful tips for you to help you select a real estate agent:

Ask Questions

Do not hold yourself back. Ask questions when you are meeting with your agent for the first time. Treat it as an interview where you are the recruitment manager and the real estate agent has applied for a job. Ask any questions that you have. Adopt the same practice. Avoid finalizing your agent too quickly.

It would be better to prepare a list of questions before meeting with the real estate agent. See that you have done your share of homework. Ask about their sales history, their experience, and work procedure. 

Verify their Details

If you cannot verify the details of the real estate agent, that is a red flag. They might be out there to scam you. Make sure that you are registered with the Dubai Land Department and own a valid broker ID as well.

Check their Real Online Presence

Having an online presence has become crucial in the present cut-throat competition. No business can survive without it. Even a real estate company in Dubai that has been operational for decades has to make a website and create an online presence to reach new potential customers. So, it is wise to check the online presence of the real estate agent. You can check their website or pages or accounts they have made on a social media platform.

While you do that, you would also come across client reviews and testimonials sharing their experience with the real estate agent you are in talks with. Posting fake reviews is a common online trend too. So, try to get hold of some genuine sites. You can also reach out to them directly. Ask the real estate agent to give you written references from their past clients.

Find an Area Expert

Whether you want to sell a property or purchase one in a particular locality, find one that specializes in that area. They have the know-how of the area and the available opportunities as well. Moreover, real estate agents have connections with their competitors and peers as well. They might be able to refer you to someone who works in the area you want to buy a property in or sell a home.

Build a Healthy Rapport

Communication is key. Once you have had a couple of meetings, make a point to build a trustworthy rapport. Focus on both the verbal and nonverbal communication signs. Pay close attention to their body language and how they respond to you. Also, keep a tab on the marketing practices that they follow. Talk to them about their strategies and different aspects of buying and selling. This would help you know about their work ethics and whether this partnership could work. Most importantly, it will break the ice and build a healthy rapport.

You should make a point of talking to at least three real estate agents before making the final decision. Take your time in selecting your real estate agent to profit from a secure deal in the future.



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