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A Guide to 2D & 3D Design Services

A Looking Into the 2D and 3D Design Services

Animation has always been our favorite part when growing up. Remember how we used to love watching cartoons as little kids, and to be honest, we still do sometimes. The cartoons are so captivating and realistic that we cannot help but stare at the screen, watching them with amazement.  Be it tom n jerry or Looney tunes; they made our lives worth living. Cartoon Network is our favorite channel. The advancement in the film and television industry spread exponentially, allowing people to make animated movies and shows for children and adults. Yes, you heard it is suitable for adults too.

Does the real question arise how was this made possible? How the advancement in technology took over the industry and created immersive entertainment sources. The answer is 2D and 3D design services that developed realistic design and put it in video forms to create an illusion of movement for the complete video or movie. Each of the animated movies you watch or the cartoons was a success of the graphic designing field, making our lives fun-filled as kids. Take the example of Frozen and Lion King movies. They are one of the best movies ever made in the near times. Let’s discuss some of the animated videos made to date with the help of 2D or 3D designs.

2D Animation Software or Tools

In the past, most movies or shows were made in 2D. These videos or images are similar to 3D graphics but cannot show motion in movies. But still, there is a massive list of animated movies made with 2D graphics design that broke all the previous records of movies.  Let’s discuss some of the tools and software that have made 2D animation movies a great hit.

1) Synfig

Are you a beginner, or do you not have many ideas about software? The open-source 2D animation software is the best platform to learn. The free animation software has two versions that you can download for free. The stable and testing versions. The stable version has experimental features ready to be used by developers if they want to try something new. It allows the cutout animation creation from the bitmap images and supports various content layers of your movies. Above that, the software supports the addition and syncing process of narration and music to the videos.

2) Maefloresta

Developing animation videos can be too tiring sometimes with the lengthy creation process. The Maefloresta is a 2D animation software that is used on iPhone or Android for free. The most easy-to-use software app provides incredible realistic 2d graphics design. It is often used for creating fun videos for children with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The software comes with tutorials to save you time and make you learn in the best possible way.

3) Toon Boom Harmony

The best professional animation software is hard to find, providing you with all the features. Toon Boom Harmony is one the most used 2D professional animation software installed in Windows, OSX, or Linux. The developers and graphic designers can create beautiful stories through 2D images or can showcase a message to the audience in general through an immersive video. Though learning it is not an easy task, unlike Maeflorista. The software has vector tools and bitmap to create aesthetic art images, create multiplane scenes with the Z-depth, and even import 3D models for the hybrid production. Are you confused about which 2D software to use for creating 2D graphics design? You can try this professional software for 21 days for free and can purchase it for $ 109 every month if you like it.

3D Design Services Tools for Animation

Who doesn’t love the 3D movies we all do, graphics and visual effects being an integral part of our filmmaking industry? Hollywood has created many 3D blockbusters on a budget featuring stellar visuals. Here is a list of a few 3D tools that take the 3D design services up by a notch.

1) Autodesk Maya

One of Maya’s most leading tools of all time has robust features and tools in its workflow, developing outstanding and realistic graphic designs to combine and create real-time animated cartoons, videos, and movies.  If you have a great idea and are confused about the different tools, we suggest you try Autodesk Maya for free for a month to see the difference yourself and then purchase it once you get hooked to its powerful features. The excellent all-in-one tool costs $ 195. Most of the leading animation studios use it to multiple their ROI in less time.

2) Blender

Another fantastic tool that most graphic designers use is Blender, a free tool offering an intuitive user interface with powerful features for the complete 3D pipeline. The open-source tool can run on all the operating systems as it has a vast array of tools needed for software modeling. The tool can perform rigging, texturing, sculpting, and animation besides providing third-party plugins like VRay to develop 3D videos.

3) Autodesk 3DS Max

If you are looking for incredible visual designs, then Autodesk 3DS Max should be your ultimate choice of tool or software. It is often known as the industry-standard solution for filmmaking companies making motion animation and 3D visuals. The award-winning system is the best of its kind in the 3DS Max tool or software. The $195 device comes with performance patches for most of the current programs. You can even have a free trial for a month to see how it works for your animation studio.

4) Lightwave 3D

Are you a graphic designer and looking for a tool with annual upgrades? Lightwave 3D is the complete animation tool that costs $995 and provides yearly upgrades. The all-in-one 3D designing tools do everything from motion graphics to architecture visualizations in the post affordable design packages. It is a versatile tool for realistic animation.  It works on two apps while performing all the essential functions. The Modeler builds assets, and the Layout deals with the image or video texturing, lighting, rendering, and animation. Talking about the 2019 version of the Lightwave, it incorporated a unique feature known as the Unreal Bridge that works in the best possible way to link Lightwave to the Unreal Engine.

In conclusion, 2D and 3d graphic designs have always been a part of our movie creation or cartoon-making procedure, creating memorable videos and images. It is the best way to develop realistic movies using 3D design services for the audience in less time.



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