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Become an Affiliate of a Bookie – 188Bet Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate of a bookie, you need to know about the commission structure and the benefits of how to become a gambling affiliate (cara jadi afiliator judi) of this particular company. This article will discuss 188Bet’s commission structure and its advantages over other bookies. For example, it uses Income Access software to track its customers’ playing history and provide reports enabling affiliates to monitor customer accounts and commissions. After you’ve registered, you’ll have access to this software three days later.

188Bet Affiliate Program:

188Bet’s Affiliate Program is free to join, but there are some conditions you have to meet. You must actively promote 188BET and engage in aggressive marketing activities. However, you must avoid unlawful activities, illegal marketing practices, or promotional efforts that might negatively affect 188BET. In addition, you cannot create materials about 188BET without obtaining prior written consent from the bookie.

188BET uses Income Access software to allow affiliates to track customer accounts and commissions. You can access your affiliate stats three days after registration. This is an advantage when promoting 188BET’s Affiliate Program, as a good affiliate program should allow you to see what your customers are up to. You also want to avoid damaging carryover policies, putting you in a short-term mindset.

188Bet Affiliate Program vs. CPA:

When choosing between a CPA and an affiliate program, knowing what each program offers is essential. The 188Bet affiliate program offers various options that fit multiple needs. This agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, or sales representative relationship. While you can make recommendations to your affiliates, you have no authority to make offers on behalf of 188BET.

In case of a termination, you will not be paid for the referral or commissions for any player who has not deposited the required amount. 188BET may also withhold final payment to the affiliate for a reasonable time. However, if you allow activity after termination, this does not constitute an agreement extension. You may not receive payments if your referrals have negative balances.

188Bet Affiliate Program vs. Draft Kings:

If you are looking for an affiliate program to promote sports betting, you may want to compare the 188Bet Affiliate Program and the Draft Kings Affiliate Program. Both sites have their own unique set of features and offers. If you are interested in promoting a sports-related website, DraftKings may be the best choice. This website allows players to participate in fantasy sports contests and win cash. DraftKings is one of the most popular and trusted sportsbooks.

The 188Bet Affiliate Program is free to join, and you can promote both through your website. You will register as an affiliate, and 188BET will monitor your referrals’ betting and activity. Affiliates are allowed to track and report on their accounts and commissions. Once registered, they can see their customer tracking statistics and reports. 188BET isn’t a scam, but it does take its rules seriously.

188Bet Affiliate Program vs. Profit Maximizer:

188Bet’s affiliate program has several benefits, but what should you keep in mind before joining this casino network? First, understand the terms and conditions. In the event of termination, 188BET does not pay the commissions or referral fees owed to affiliates. In addition, it may withhold final payment for a certain period. Moreover, there is no continuing agreement if 188BET permits activity after termination.

The affiliate acknowledges that 188BET’s affiliate program has different terms and conditions from the Profit Maximizer affiliate program. In addition, both companies operate competing or similar sites. As an affiliate, you must independently evaluate 188BET’s affiliate program and Profit Maximizer’s profit maximizer before deciding which one to sign up for. Furthermore, any legal action you may file must be filed in London.



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