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Best Camera Accessories Required for Improving your Photography

If you have just bought your camera, you may be wondering what camera accessories are necessary to improve your photography experience. There are many types of equipment available in the market. You may get confused by seeing so many accessories. Not all of them are necessary also. However, there are a few things that are extremely important for making your photographic life extraordinary. 


Tripod proves to be one of the essential camera accessories for capturing photographs in low light or long exposures. Tripod is also beneficial while taking landscape photographs and self-portraits. While capturing a photo in low light, you must have a slower shutter speed so that enough light reaches the imaging sensor. The tripod will help keep your camera still; otherwise, the images will become blurry due to hand movements. Moreover, in landscape or portrait photography, you have to capture several images of the same scene. A tripod will help you keep your hands free to adjust the settings accordingly or make changes in the portrait subject. A tripod is also required while taking continuous shots of a moving subject to capture the movement. Tripods are available in different sizes and are made of other materials. You should choose one according to the size of your camera and your budget. 

Remote Shutter Release

As you can understand from the name, this remote shutter release helps you release the shutter with the help of remote buttons without even touching it. This camera accessory further prevents any shaking of the camera. Moreover, you can use this accessory to click images from a remote location. Many expensive remote shutter releases also act as an intervalometer to click several pictures after regular intervals. You can also delay the timing of the shutter release. They are generally available in two different types – cabled and wireless. The wireless remotes use Bluetooth connections or infrared radiations to release the shutter. 

Polarizing Filter

You may also need a polarizing filter to improve your photography by removing extra light and reflections, improving colour saturation, or darkening bright images. Polarizing filters come in two different forms – linear and circular. Both of them have similar effects on the images. However, circular polarizing filters are easy to handle and offer better exposure. 

Camera Bag

A camera bag is essential to keep your camera protected from rain, dust, and other particles. Moreover, this is a great way to carry other camera accessories also. There are different types of camera bags available in the market. A camera backpack is an excellent way for long-distance travel. However, you have to bring down your backpack each time you take out your camera. Shoulder bags can help you take out your gear quickly, but they may be uncomfortable as the entire weight of the camera is rested on a single shoulder. The recent addition is the sling bag that combines the comfort of a backpack and the utility of a shoulder bag. 

Extra Batteries

A spare battery is another vital camera accessory that we ignore generally. Many times, while travelling, the battery life of your camera may expire while taking photographs. In those circumstances, having an extra battery is helpful. If you are going to buy batteries, always buy OE batteries; that is original equipment. Buy batteries that your camera company manufactures. 

Memory Card

Though cameras come with in-built storage space, it is limited and it may get full. Thus, an additional memory card becomes vital in those situations. Memory cards are available in a few different formats. SD cards are the most common type. Other types are CFast and XQD cards. The type of memory card will depend on your DSLR camera model

If you have a camera with larger sensors, a more significant number of pixels, or high frame rates, you will need a high-speed memory card. Otherwise, buffering will take place and this will hamper the continuous clicking of images. You will find the minimum memory card speed requirement in the user manual of your camera. 

It is always better to spread your images and videos across several memory cards when it comes to memory card capacity. This will help you in case your memory card gets lost or damaged. So, instead of buying a 64 GB memory card, you can go for two 32 GB memory cards. 

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