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Best PlayStation 2 Video Games of All Time

If you had a PS2 at some point in your life, it’s fair to assume there were quite a few action games in your library. Since we’ve opted to rank the best action PS2 games ever since some games have become way better than others. With so many wonderful choices to pick from, there’s never been a lack of games to enjoy for the fans of the genre.

Best PS2 Games

Best PS2 Games

This article lists the most successful and best-selling action games developed for PS2. Although all of these best ps2 games are console exclusive, we still invite non-exclusive players to be on the list.

1. God of War

Unleash the Strength of the Gods and embark on a ruthless journey like Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior motivated to defeat Ares, the God of Battle. Equipped with deadly double chain knives, Kratos must sculpt the darkest beasts of legend, including Medusa, Cyclops, Hydra, and more, while solving complex puzzles in stunning surroundings. Driven by sheer vengeance, nothing will deter Kratos from obtaining absolution.”

Why this is a must-have: No franchise is acting like the God of War. If you have yet to experience the series, start with the PS2 from the beginning and have fun with this epic tale.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Carl Johnson survived the stresses of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city broken apart by gang violence, drugs, and corruption five years ago. Where film stars and millionaires try their utmost to escape traffickers and gang-bangers. It’s the early 90s. Carl has to go home. His mother was killed, his world fell apart, and his childhood mates were all headed for tragedy. On his return to the city, he was framed by a few crooked officers for murder. CJ is forced into a path that will carry him through the state of San Andreas to rescue his family and take hold of the streets.”

Why It’s A Must-Have: the GTA franchise was a big PS2 franchise. It’s just a tossup between Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas, and Vice City, one of the strongest on the console, so just grab all of them and enjoy.

3. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

If ever there was a game that performed exactly as you might have expected it was The Amazing Hulk Ultimate Ruin. The Incredible Hulk is recognised for his incredible power and determination to let nothing stand in his path, and the game is about to perform on both fronts. Developed by Radical Entertainment, the people behind Ang Lee’s 2003 movie game, Ultimate Destruction is a very different beast. They have discarded the very dire parts of Bruce Banner, leaving what is effectively a relentless stream of utter devastation. The game has one key concept and rides with it, and much of it offers a joyfully enjoyable gameplay experience.

Best PS2 RPGS Games

Best PS2 RPGS Games

Creating a list of best PS2 RPG games is both simple and complicated. It’s simple in the sense that there’s no shortage of role-playing games—the machine has more RPG titles than any short-lived consoles, including the TurboGrafx-16, had some sort of PS2 RPGS to enjoy. The hardest thing is to separate the wheat from the chaff. The good news is that it is possible to do this and the entries bellow are our top 3 collection of PS2 games, which any RPG fan wishes to check out now (in no particular order). Some of these choices, dare we claim, are rising to the stage of modern classics. You may also purchase all of these titles for sale on our website.

1. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

There’s plenty to say for packaging. Although the substance of gameplay and good design is a must for every game, it often plays a vital role in how it looks. This is the first “Dragon Quest” version that uses 3-D visuals, and is a brilliant display technique for Akira Toriyama’s artwork. As for the gameplay, this tale of bad wizards and heroes is a throwback to the days of simpler RPGs—classical combat structures, sturdy boss battles, standard menu screens, etc.

2. Kingdom Hearts II

The first “Kingdom Hearts” entry originally frustrated a lot of gamers and critics by tossing Disney Characters into the “Final Fantasy” universe. Kingdom Hearts II holds to the same general concept but builds on nearly all else that its predecessor did. The camera is improved, the gameplay controls are better, and the rubber-ship parts have been overhauled to offer high-octane action. Yet there’s a show that this game truly shines. Even today’s expectations make it a perfect game, and the lush coloring and animation in the universe all but beg you to adventure through it.

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

The “Shin Megami Tensei” series has gained rave reviews for its ability to smash the RPG convention. This was particularly true of the third film, which contains a dark storyline and open sexuality. ” Persona 4,” with its enhanced graphics and mechanics, is expanding on previous entrants. The story is centered around another high school protagonist who must defeat the ghosts, murders and fog of the murderer. Persona-3’s “one more” combat scheme is back, and players who haven’t yet tried party brawling will do well to give it a try. And read, by all means, why we think the persona games are so darn sweet.

Best PS2 Racing Games

Best PS2 Racing Games

If you had a PS2 at some point in your life, it’s fair to assume that there were quite a few racing games in your library. With so many wonderful choices to pick from, there’s never been a lack of games to enjoy for the fans of the genre. Since some games were even stronger than others, we ranked the best PS2 racing games of all time. If driving quick vehicles is your thing, get behind the wheel and check out some of these great games. The sheer amount of racing games available on the PS2 is mind-boggling, offering you hundreds of race tracks and speed tracks to race along.

This article would include the most successful and best-selling racing games developed for PS2. Although all of these games are console exclusive, we still invite non-exclusive players to be on the list.

1. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix

Although the original cut of Midnight Club 3 didn’t make the remix chart. While it’s praised as one of the best racing games on the PS2, even if it controls what you’d expect from the generation of games.

It has unprecedented customization and the remix is used as a final version with an extra side, fresh songs, and more customization choices. This Rockstar game is more preferable to be picked up in remix form than the initial one because of their similarity, but the remakes changed functionality and add ones.

2. Burnout 2: Point of Impact

While the storyline is lacking, Burnout 2: Point of Impact has contributed to the legacy of becoming one of the best racing games on the PS2. Its popularity is focused solely on gameplay and a sense of pace as you drive along its courses.

Its arcade-style racing is known to be the greatest, some also mentioning that it was what Stuntman wished to be for his bold behavior. Unlike other titles, several reviewers liked the game tutorials that offered them a decent introduction to the game.

3. Colin McRae Rally 3

This game is mainly intended for extreme racing lovers. The reviews on it are polarizing, many turned away from the influence of the vehicles, making it almost humiliating to switch around. Others point out that this is not an arcade-type title, but rather a style of racing simulation.

Although highly rated for what it is, some Metacritic reviewers have considered the shortage of cooperative and general buggy multiplayer a major turn to recommend it to users.

Best PS2 Horror Games

Best PS2 Horror Games​

If you had a PS2 at some point in your life, it’s fair to assume there were quite a few horror games in your library. After all, is there anything better than a creepy video game that can make you leap out of your skin while you enjoy it? The games on this page pit you against zombies, monsters, wildlife, and even other humans that are intent on destroying you.

With so many wonderful choices to pick from, there’s never been a lack of games to enjoy for the fans of the genre. Since some games were even stronger than others, we list among the best PS2 horror games of all time. With the improved visuals and cleaner gameplay of the PS2 from its ancestor, gamers encountered new heights of horror when playing games on this list.

1. Obscure (2004)

For several, Obscure might fall into the so-bad-it’s-good genre of horror, but it shouldn’t stop you from playing it. It’s a lot of fun, and if you have anyone to play with in co-op mode, you will triple the fun tenfold.

The game was created by Hydra vision Interactive, a storyline focused heavily on the 1998 science-fiction horror film The Faculty. In the game, you manage five teenagers – each fitting perfectly into a horror movie stereotype – as they find themselves trapped inside a school at night to fend off different types of infected students.

2. Clock Tower 3

Clock Tower 3 is a beautiful survival horror game that’s easily the strongest instalment in the Clock Tower franchise. Not everyone’s going to agree with that, of course, but Clock Tower 3 seemed to have the right combination of enjoyable and strange games, combined with a tense and eerie environment.

The game was directed by Kinji Fukasaku, director of the Japanese New Wave, and his contribution can be seen in the way the story is told. Playing as 14-year-old Alyssa Hamilton, you have to fly back to London in the 1940s to 60s and kill spirits that torment different places. In the first place, Alyssa must liberate the ghosts of the woman murdered by the serial murderer, Sledgehammer. And you’re off to the 1960s, where you’re trying to unravel the murderer’s tale by the name of Corroder.

3. Silent Hill 2

For several, the second episode of the hugely successful Silent Hill sequence is the greatest. It’s clear to understand why. For starters, the game portrays a tale that is relatable to most people, a story about tragedy and the sorrow that accompanies it. It’s not just a run-of-the-mill disaster, either, the story in Silent Hill 2 is expertly delivered in a manner that leaves you emotionally preoccupied. It was unusual for video games to take on such adult concepts at the moment, so players were immediately involved in the plot.

Best PS2 Fighting Games

If you purchased a PlayStation 2, the names on this compilation of the best PS2 fighting games of all time will certainly sound very familiar. In reality, it’s fair to assume that there were probably a few combat games listed in your set.

1. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

Some thought Evolution was the finest fighting game released at the moment, introducing fresh players to the roster and reshaping the visuals. The initial game was already a huge hit, and Virtua Fighter just changed with Evolution.

One of the strongest aspects of Evolution is the intricate preparation mode that often comes down to the bare bones of it, going through each character and technique to flesh out the weak points of the player and making them a stronger player. If anyone’s trying to start at the bottom, Evolution is a fine way to do it.

2. Soulcalibur 2

Since the first Soulcalibur was generally recognized as one of the greatest combat games of all time, it was up to the developers not to tweak too much on the sequel. Luckily, the squad didn’t do any major rehauls, but made the combat almost flawlessly smooth.

This culminated in Soulcalibur 2 becoming highly respected in the professional battle scene, as little progress ever goes far in combat games. It speaks volumes that even Soulcalibur 3 couldn’t deal with, with so many different material and game modes, it all came down to battle mechanics in the end.

3. Capcom Vs. SNK 2

Adding to the age of mash-up fighting games will be detrimental to most titles, thus reinforcing the stigma against them. Capcom vs. SNK 2 turned the trend on its head and became one of the strongest combat games of the decade, merging characters from various franchises.

Blending the combat styles of the Capcom and SNK licenses, Capcom vs. SNK 2 provides three modes of each franchise and attracts fans of each channel. The title also provides a comprehensive color customization choice, allowing almost any part of the chosen character to be customized even more than today’s games enable.

Ps2 Hidden Gems, Underrated Ps2 Games

hidden gems

PlayStation 2 will go down as one of the greatest consoles ever produced, not only as one of the best-sellers to date, but also because of its legacy in terms of the nature of the games it has in its catalogue. From ninja adventures to 3D platformers to JRPGs and more, the PS2 has hundreds of icons and secret treasures that gamers still enjoy decades later. What are your choices for the most hidden gems and underrated PS2 games of all time?

Many of the names are already well established, since they started or continued with the already famous franchise, but there are a lot of others that deserve a little more love. From cult hits to action-adventure games like Red Dead Revolver, the PS2 had an impressive library.

1. Manhunt (2003)

Psychological horror comes in several directions. And the disturbing apparitions of your history happen to be one of them. Rockstar Games’ Manhunt places us in a position where the most horrifying scenes come from our own making, when we are compelled to film a collection of snuff movies to allow our life and our independence come back. We just execute gangsters. So, it’s not that they haven’t had it coming.

But the visceral aspect of the crime scenes is a little too… true. It’s more than enough to annoy certain crowds, and although a lot of players recognize this word, I’d say that a lot of them never touched it.

2. The Adventures of Cookie & Cream

Until rendering the Dark Souls series “hard but fair,” creator From Software produced games in a pretty diverse genre. The Adventures of Cookie & Cream was their first PS2 title, with a cute aesthetic very different from what they’re popular for today. I will especially suggest this for the co-op functionality, as the game was specifically built with this in mind. And teamwork here always seems like a need, rather than an extra function.

3. Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy

Instead of the sequel to Atelier Iris, you should also check out Mana Khemia 2: Collapse of Alchemy, the second entry in the spin-off series. Although crafting by Alchemy remains a key feature of the title, far more focus is placed on fighting and the fantastic plot. The 2D sprites are charming, and they have one of the better soundtracks in this list.

You’re presumably supposed to play the prequel, even on the PS2, but it just can’t carry the torch to the polished shine of Mana Khemia 2.



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