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BPSC Prelims Test Series by Tathastu ICS

Thorough coverage of the syllabus. Divided subjects for focused preparation. Exam-like tests to familiarize aspirants. Regular and accurate performance evaluation.

Tathastu ICS presents the BPSC Prelims Test Series to assist on your path to success in UPSC exams, featuring everything needed to ace any changing pattern – everything from writing practice tests and exam simulations, through practice papers to the actual examination day itself!

General Studies 1

This paper encompasses various topics such as History and Heritage, Geography of the World and Society, Indian Culture and Tradition as well as current events of national and international significance.

This part of the exam measures candidates’ aptitude, analytical skills and reasoning ability – known as CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test). This paper is essential for passing the UPSC CSE Prelims. All candidates aspiring to join Civil Services must take it as it is mandatory.

Tathastu ICS is here to make your preparation easy and effective by providing you with a top UPSC Prelims test series to make it simpler. These exams were created by subject experts based on the latest UPSC pattern and feature full length tests with questions tailored specifically for this exam, designed to match its difficulty level with detailed explanations for every question provided.

Tests are organized into subjects to assist aspirants with their preparation. Each subject is further divided into sections for deeper coverage and reexamination of the syllabus, while providing feedback that allows aspirants to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement. Furthermore, there is also a weekly revision test in each subject allowing aspirants to cover all their syllabus thoroughly with revision tests.

General Studies 2

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) Paper became mandatory qualifying exam in 2011. This General Studies 2 paper contains 200 marks and tests candidates’ aptitude, analytical skills and reasoning abilities; an important component of UPSC CSE Prelims syllabus which could ultimately impact their rank on the merit list.

Preparing to perform well on General Studies Paper 2 takes serious effort, which is why our BPSC Prelims Test Series was developed with your success in mind. With detailed solutions and explanations provided for every question in its syllabus coverage as well as realistic exam simulation capabilities to help acclimate you to the BPSC prelims pattern, it provides all of the tools for success that you’ll need for success on test day.

Our test series for BPSC exam are tailored to its latest syllabus. Each question is prepared by subject-matter experts in order to cover every element of its syllabus effectively and is then divided into various sections for strategic dividing topics and effective revision. Access is granted online 24/7/365 with updates provided periodically.

The Test Series seeks to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus by way of a series of tests and revision tests, while also helping strengthen your comprehension of static topics from your study plan through video explanations.

General Studies 3

General Studies Paper 3 of the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) can have a dramatic effect on your rank as it tests candidates on their ability to write effectively and persuasively. It serves as an essay exam designed to test them on this skill.

Questions in this paper often test candidates on interdisciplinary subjects that require holistic thinking to solve. As such, this exam primarily tests candidates on various disciplines like history, geography, polity and economics. Students must prepare thoroughly so they can write essays that impress examiners and increase their overall rank.

Preparing for this paper requires daily note taking and revision, which will enable you to gain an in-depth knowledge of its subjects and topics – essential components of General Studies Paper 3. Furthermore, stay abreast of current affairs so you remain up-to-date on everything going on around our nation and abroad.

Tathastu ICS’ BPSC Prelims Test Series empowers aspirants with the strategies and guidance to navigate their way through this exam with confidence. Our full-length tests cover comprehensively, while strategically divided subject-based tests sets provide targeted practice. In addition, dedicated sessions with subject experts help clear any doubts and build self-assurance.

General Studies 4

BPSC CSE examination consists of two papers, General Studies Paper 1 (GS1) and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), each carrying 200 marks each. To be successful at this test, candidates need a thorough approach with an organized study plan in place in order to excel.

Our BPSC Prelims Test Series offers an ideal way to enhance your preparation for the exam and take one step closer towards passing it. Coverage includes comprehensive coverage of syllabus topics with strategic division of subjects for focused preparation. Real-life exam-like questions developed by subject matter experts help familiarize aspirants to the examination format and facilitate regular practice and assessment of performance so as to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Our test series offers an exhaustive array of mock tests covering NCERT curriculum and key reference books as well as important current affairs topics from across dynamic sections of the syllabus. Furthermore, the question quality matches that of UPSC tests so as to help step-up preparation levels for candidates seeking admissions examinations and provide them with competitive edge. In addition to recorded classes with interactive live doubt sessions to give additional support to aspirants.



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