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Cat Door Insert for your Whiskered Friend

Every animal loves their own space and freedom. Especially pets! According to research, an estimate of 95.6 million pet cats got recorded in the US in 2017.

Even if you have a clingy pet dog or a cat, they still prefer to roam around with zero assistance from you.

Talking about pet doors, it isn’t always for dogs alone. Enter a cat door insert that can offer your pet cats the best of both worlds. It will help them attain a healthy lifestyle and lower your burden on checking on them around the clock.

So, why should you consider installing a cat door right away?

Reasons to Install a Cat Door

It can get tedious and exhausting for your pet to stay the entire day indoors. Since they have no free access, they must depend on their pet parents to open the door every other time.

No access to the outside world can seriously hamper their physical and mental health. Your cat friend may benefit a lot with a fresh dose of air and sunlight every day.

Not convincing enough? Here are a few more reasons to get a cat door for your pet:


If you are a pet parent, you may understand the challenges of keeping your home clean at all times. From pet foods to cat litter, it can leave a bad impression on your home interiors.

With pet doors, your cats will now have easy access to the outdoors for bathroom breaks.

Better Comfort

It can get pretty daunting for you to take care of a pet and fit in your busy work schedules. With a cat door flap on your window, you can offer them easy access to the garden or the backyard with zero assistance from you.

Safety and Security

A lot many times, pet owners leave their pet dogs and cats outside and forget about them. There are chances of them experiencing heat strokes or extreme weather conditions.

The same can be applied inside the house, wherein your pet can get trapped due to unforeseen situations such as a fire. Well, you can avoid this if you consider installing a pet door for their survival.

Things to Consider for Cat Door Insert

So, now that you know the benefits of having cat doors and flaps, here are a few things to consider before you jump onto buying one:


Since cats come in all shapes and sizes, installing a cat door insert is essential as per their requirements. Once you know your pet cat’s exact length and width, you can easily install one on your window or door.


Before installing the cat door or flap, you may have to consider the location where you could fit them in. These may include your doors, windows, sliding doors, living room doors, etc. This way, you can limit their movement to a specific area.

Magnetic Flaps

Look out for a cat door that will have an adjustable magnetic flap. It would help your cats of any age to push through the door. So, if your pet cat isn’t strong enough to open the flap, you can constantly adjust the magnets to make it easier for them.

In essence, your pet cat deserves the much-required liberty to move around with no care in the world. Pet doors are convenient and easy to use. It will not only make your life smoother but also your pet cats too.

So, are you ready to get a new door for your tomcat?



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