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Chadar Trek: The Beautiful Himalayan Trek


Chadar trek is located in Leh- Ladakh Which lies in the Indian union territory. Chadar means white sheet hence the name. It Literally means white blanket in winters. According to me this white view gives courage and hope to travellers.

If you are planning to go to this mesmerizing place we have to Leh then from Leh it would take about 65-70 Kms to reach Tilad, the base camp of trek. After reaching camp the chilling journey will start. The Distance of Chadar trek from Leh is about 105 Kms. Once upon a time Chadar trek was called a very difficult trek for trekkers.This is difficult because of high altitude but it can be enjoyed by anyone but we have to take necessary precautions.


Leh Ladakh has always been a spotting place for youngsters and it is undoubtedly one of our favourite Himalayan Treks. If we want to go and explore chadar trek then it is traditional to travel in harsh winters. Chadar trek is famous internationally for its adventure. Chadar trek is one of the challenging treks because of its frozen river which is called zanskar river.  During the summer it gives a Vibrant color and in Winters it gives Thrilling experience to trekkers. Always remember if we are planning to do Chadar Trek then we must have done 2-3 Himalayan trek before this. This is definitely not a recommended trek for the first timers.


As I recommend you must have done 2-3 Himalayan Trek before planning Chadar Trek. then we all must be aware about the things to pack while starting the trek journey.  Since we would start the journey from zero temperature clothing is very important. Thermal and heavy jackets, Scarf, Good trekking shoes. UV protective Sunglasses, Hotbags, Torches, basic medicines and Wearing layers of clothes is recommended. There is no mobile connectivity in Leh so this is best for trekkers to focus on trek only. 

We should remember Chadar trek is High Latitude trek so we must keep basic medicines whose body gets affected and sickness, nausea , shortness of breath can be there in high altitude environment.


The chadar trekking totally depends on the ice blanket formed on the Zanskar River. Journey starts to fly to Leh then goes across Tibb cave via Shingra Koma then Tilad,Gyalpo and back to Leh.

Total of 8-9 days trek would give you an amazing experience. Chadar trek is associated with the word Glamour. Because it looks glamorous and amazing. It gives thrilling memories and experiences too.The journey starts from tent In the start journey. Best time to go on Chadar Trek is Jan-Feb. We had this Experience in January. Although we had many Himalayan Treks, this was the best because it made us fall with its beauty and thrilling experience.

whether we are good trekkers or travelers or not. It also made us understand the responsibilities while doing this.

In the morning, Chadar trek gives a different experience. It makes us feel ice frozen in our bones. When we started the journey, A thought why we were taking this risk would come to our mind but. We all once would curse ourselves why we are going there. It also gives us Pain but this we can not avoid. As the journey goes we would start enjoying the chilling wind. 

On the first few days we would fall down so we walked slowly but Gradually we started understanding the place and mastered the techniques to walk over the ice.

The Entire journey where the sunshine and the shadow that comes and goes. The silence during the trek is overpowering yet relaxing. Evening and night always besides trying to warm ourselves. Camping is very difficult in Chadar trek. The local stay in which they provide the tent during the night. The waterfall gives an amazing look and the campside is beside the frozen stream.Once the trekking comes to the end, Finally We would enjoy and appreciate the Chadar Trek with all the challenges and fear and while doing this respect the nature and the locals wh guide us while trekking. 


Chadar trek  can be a changing point for trekkers who haven’t attended the difficult trek early. It takes us near nature. It can bring out the best and worst of us. It makes us realize that nothing is permanent and nothing lasts forever. Just like Chadar trek. It is dynamic. Challenges are part of life.



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