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Difference Between A Box Spring And Ottoman Beds?

First it is important to explain the term ‘box spring’. What exactly is a box spring? There are many different and main differences between mattress and box springs, but many of people got confused.

Do You Need A Box Spring?
Box springs have a wooden frame with springs that are covered with fabric. Box springs actually work just like shock absorbers, making it easier to get in and out of bed. A box spring is often placed on a metal bed frame or wooden slatted frame that is the same size as the mattress placed on it.

The mattress is therefore placed ON a box spring and is therefore by definition separate from it.

For decades, box springs have been the best choice when purchasing a new mattress online. However, times are changing and that is why you now also see other types of Ottoman Beds and bed frames.

What’s The Use Of Box Springs?
Box springs provide a little extra springiness, especially with firmer/harder mattresses. In addition:

  • Do they give a good entry height of your bed
  • one of the most distinguishing features of a box spring is the height. Most people prefer Ottoman Beds that are a little higher off the floor because of course that makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Types Of Box Spring Bed Bases?
In the introduction we already mentioned some options for the bed base of a box spring. Namely, the slatted base, Bonillo springs and it is also possible to purchase a pocket spring box spring. The Bonillo spring mattresses are filled with coil springs. These are made of steel wire and are connected to each other throughout the mattress.

 The pocket spring option consists of small pockets filled with springs. Sounds logical of course. These different pockets are distributed over the mattress and provide excellent lying comfort. If you put the box spring on legs or if you opt for a variant with a high entry height, then you have a box spring with storage space underneath.

Do You Opt For A Bonillo Spring Or A Pocket Spring?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the different fillings of the box spring. In this case, it’s a matter of what you like. However, the following information can help you make your choice. A Bonillo suspension consists of a piece of steel wire. This results in a gradual support of your weight over the body. A pocket spring, on the other hand, moves with your body or adapts to it. This is because the pockets all function independently of each other while the Bonillo suspension is a whole.

It Prevents The Formation Of Pits And Collapse Of Your Mattress

Box springs are designed to protect mattresses from sagging by distributing the weight evenly. They help stabilize mattresses and protect against wear and tear.

A Beautiful, Pleasant Piece Of Furniture
A box spring in combination with a mattress looks better than a mattress on the floor.

Advantages Of Other Bed Frames
For years, a box spring was considered the standard choice to provide support for mattresses . But nowadays mattresses are so thick and supportive that this is not necessarily necessary. As a result, more and more other bed bases are also an option. For example, bed frames with a slightly sleeker design.

Most bed frames are also made of wood with a slatted base. This saves space in the bedroom. A frame with a slatted base also offers sufficient ventilation as a box spring and prevents your mattress from sagging prematurely.

A Few More Points To Keep In Mind

. The size of your bedroom
. With or without adjustable bed base
. Mattress type: memory foam mattress, pocket spring mattress, latex mattress, waterbed, top mattress, cold foam. Mattress or an air mattress.

Even More Types Of Bed Bases
Base: A slatted base is the most common base and is preferred over other types of frames these days because they are quite sturdy for varying amounts of weight placed on them. The slats also allow air to flow through the mattress. It is essential that you consider the spacing between the slats, depending on the type of mattress you choose.

Adjustable Bed Base:
Adjustable bases can be used with memory foam, latex or sprung mattresses. Most adjustable bed bases can now also be synchronized per side.

Platform Bottom:
If you really want to give your mattress a more solid feel when you sleep, a platform bed may be a better choice. This flat firm surface is suitable for almost any type of mattress.

In terms of storage space, however, platform Ottoman Beds tend to take up a lot of space, can be extremely heavy and are therefore not easy to move when moving house, for example.

A box spring remains a personal preference. You have to consider the size of your room, the type of mattress you want and whether you would like an adjustable base.



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