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Discover Different Ways Of Investing In Gold

Are you looking for avenues to invest your money? If yes, then there are innumerable options where you can invest your money. You can invest in the stock market, fixed deposits, mutual funds, real estate, derivatives, and the list is endless.

All these ways of investment will earn you good returns but, what if there comes a situation of inflation, recession, or political unrest. All these asset classes will show a drop in their prices and result in losses.

So, to hedge your portfolio, you should invest in gold for sale. As you go through the historical growth trend of gold, you will find that the prices may fluctuate in the short run but keep increasing in the long run. So, if you want to invest to earn good returns, you can invest your money in gold. In times of inflation or recession also, gold doesn’t lose its sheen and provides good returns.

Now, you may be wondering how you can start with investing in gold. Then, Relax! We will share different ways by which you can invest your money in gold.

Gold Bullion

This form of ownership is known to many people. Any gold that is certified for its weight and purity is called bullion. Gold bullion contains gold coins and bars. Many investors prefer gold bullion because of lesser making charges than jewelry. You can easily buy gold bars 1oz or gold coins from local retailers, e-commerce websites, banks, and many non-banking finance companies.


If you invest in jewelry, you can also experience wearing it. Jewelry is often mixed with other precious gems and metals to enhance the attractiveness of the piece. But, people do not see jewelry as a mere piece of investment but, they have their sentiments attached to it. Jewelry gets passed from generation to generation. Also, the retail price of jewelry is always more than its meltdown price because of the additional labor charges charged by the craftsman. Before getting your jewelry crafted, get details about the purity of gold for sale. So, you don’t have to pay for 22k while you are getting 18k in your jewelry.

Gold ETFs or mutual funds

Gold ETFs or mutual funds trade on an exchange. The amount invested in gold ETFs is used to buy gold bars 1oz or invested in gold mining companies. The price of an ETF moves with the price of gold. One benefit of investing in gold ETFs is that you don’t have to pay the making charges like gold bullions and jewelry. When you purchase each share of gold ETF, the quantity of gold is the same as one-tenth of 1oz of gold. There is a market risk attached to the gold ETFs. When you sell them, you will get cash, not physical gold. If you want to save gold for the next generation, investing in gold bullions or jewelry is a more favorable option for you.

Buy gold options and the futures

If you don’t want to risk a lot of your money in ETFs or gold bullion, you can buy the call or put option on gold. Under a call and put option contract, you have the right and not the obligation to buy or sell gold at a certain price on a specific date. Investors who foresee the decrease or increase in the price of yellow metal consider buying these options. If you do not exercise your contract, the only loss you have to bear is the premium paid on purchasing the option. You can also go for buying the futures of gold if you want to speculate in the short term.

Buy gold mining stock

If you do not want to invest in physical gold, you can purchase the shares of gold mining companies. The prices of these shares do not move in tandem with the price of gold bullions. The benefit is that you will receive profits if the company gets successful. But if the company becomes unsuccessful, you will lose your money and will not have gold ownership.

The bottom line

So, there are different ways of investing in gold for sale. Each option has its pros and cons. If you want to safeguard your future from inflation, recession, or political turmoil, then buying physical gold is a good option for you. Also, if you want to own gold to pass on to your next generation, you should invest your money in gold bullion or bars. But, if you only want to buy gold to diversify your portfolio, you can go for gold ETFs or gold options and futures.



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