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Educational App Development: Cost to Make an Educational App

With impact on every industry, the spate of the pandemic put the education sector under effect as well. But 2021 is witnessing massive changes and improvements in this particular sector because of the available modern technologies. Bridging the gap between teachers and learners is possible seamlessly due to the evolution of mobile apps and Smartphones. Educational applications now make learning simpler and engaging for both teachers and students. As per a report, 45% of US students believe that digital technologies make learning more interesting, and 85% believed it helped boost their grades. In the Apple App Store, the third most prevalent applications are the education apps. Such stats are driving several entrepreneurs to try their hands in application development. This makes it crucial to learn about the education app development cost. Avail mobile application development services to create the best apps.

 Features of the Education App

It is important to integrate the best features in educational mobile apps. Teachers and learners can then benefit the most from these apps. However, the features you add will determine the education app development cost. Therefore, consulting with the app developer is vital so that the correct set of features is only present in your app.

  • User Profile: Differentiate between tutors and learners with this attribute. On signing up for your app, the user must fill in account details that incorporate category (learner/tutor), age, division, and subject choice.
  • Search Filters and Functionality: An easy and simple to access educational applications for students will always attract users. Students can flexibly use the app with its search filters and functionality for discovering the right section for completing the lesson. Teachers can make amendments to the programs they are teaching with this attribute.
  • Registration: The registration procedure is highly crucial for both students and tutors. It must be straightforward to enable users to sign up with various accounts, including email IDs and social media accounts.
  • Push Notifications: Teachers and learners can always stay updated regarding their upcoming class with the push notifications feature. The feature will also ensure that students do not skip on studies. This feature also helps in advertising the brand. This makes educational technology apps highly popular.
  • Live and Video Streaming: Video content is always more entertaining and engages learners in a better way. Therefore, when discussing things to consider when building an education app, include this feature in the app. Students can learn complicated topics easily through video content. Learning app development with such features will have the potential of going a long way.
  • Multi-Language: One of the most vital requirements to meet while creating an educational app is supporting multiple languages. It makes the app beneficial for a bigger community of users. When a user can understand a topic in his/her local language, the interest level will be more.

Choosing The Squad

Now you know the importance of learning app development, what an educational app can do, the features you need to incorporate, etc. But how will you integrate the features? For example, how will you ensure that your app always has a fast loading speed?

When these questions concern you, then know that it is time to appoint a team of experienced specialists. You can choose to partner with IT specialists in two ways. Either you can communicate with your in-house team or avail of mobile application development services from an offshore application development company. If you choose the latter option, you get to work with proven methodologies and the latest technologies. The people who will back your app development idea or project are:

  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Android developer (when you develop an application for the Android platform)
  • Flutter developer (when you develop an application with Flutter)
  • QA engineer for application testing
  • The back-end and front-end developer
  • iOS developer (when you build the iOS application)
  • Project manager


Starting with the learning app development, availing those mobile application development services, including important features; nothing will matter if you cannot profit from the app. There are monetization strategies you need to apply to do that.

  • Advertisement: This is a typical monetization model that enables customers to access an education application for free.
  • In-app purchase: When users opt for the app’s free subscription, they get limited access to the features. On the contrary, if they pay an extra amount and access the premium version of the application, they can enjoy additional features.
  • Freemium: Nowadays, there are several applications that users can access for free, but those apps include numerous advertisements. This cannot be very pleasant for users. App owners can always ask users to go with the advanced subscription model to enjoy an ad-free experience. Offline access is also a very big benefit.

Cost Breakdown

After learning most of the things about educational learning app development, it is now time to gain insight into education app development costs. However, if you want to know how much does it cost to build an app, it can be quite challenging to answer. Getting an accurate answer is difficult as several factors influence the application development cost. This includes features, development time, app complexity, functionalities, the selected operating system, development team cost, and many more.

However, here we have the estimated cost breakdown. The approximate cost of educational mobile app development with basic features can commence from $16,000 to $26,000 and above. It will largely depend on the business requirements and the team you appoint for application development. On top of this, here is the rough approximation of the hours it will need to develop the app. It can be calculated directly with the per hour developer cost, typically from $17 to $23 in the Middle East, India, UAE, Dubai, etc.

Wrapping it up

Coming to the end of the blog, you can understand that building an education application is an intimidating task. It will demand a considerable amount of effort from you. However, along with education app development costs, we have mentioned vital factors to minimize your efforts while building a high-functioning app for tutors and students. With the right features, application development team and approximate development cost, now you have the roadmap for starting with the development process. However, when finding the process too complicated, always mobile application development services are waiting for you.



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