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Everything You Need to Know About Hou Yifan

If you are a fan of chess and want to know more about Hou 一帆, you are in the right place! Here you will find out everything about this talented chess player’s career, achievements, and academic career.

Hou 一帆

Hou 一帆 is one of the most talented Chinese chess players. Born in 1994, she is now 28 years old. She received her education in Oxford, where she studied public policy and international relations. She is currently the youngest full professor at Shenzhen University.

Hou also competed in the 41st Chess Olympiad, where she placed 7th in Group A. She was a member of the top-seeded Chinese Women’s team. She lost to Ukraine’s Kateryna Lagno in her individual game, but she went on to win the silver medal on board one.


Hou 一帆 is one of the most talented chess players of her generation. She began playing chess at a young age and went on to become the youngest woman to win the FIDE Women’s World Championship. She moved to Beijing to study chess at the National Chess Center. In 2007, she became China’s youngest National Women’s Champion. She later went on to earn the titles of Woman FIDE Master and Woman Grandmaster. She would have qualified for the International Master title in September 2008, but she had already qualified for the Grandmaster title by then. In 2008, she became the youngest woman to ever win the Women’s World Chess Championship.

Hou 一帆first World Championship appearance was at the age of twelve, where she beat Natalia Zhukova and Nadezhda Kosintseva. She then went on to become the youngest female grandmaster in history, at fourteen. She then went on to become the world’s youngest grandmaster at 16, and she became a World Champion at sixteen.

Academic Career

The four-time world chess champion, 一帆 Hou, is set to start his academic career as a full professor at Shenzhen University. A Rhodes Scholar from Oxford University, 一帆 is one of the youngest full professors in the history of the university. He will teach in the School of Physical Education and head the chess programmed.

In January 2009, Hou won the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix, and in February 2012, she competed in the Women’s World Chess Championship. She was one of the two competitors who challenged Anna Ushenina for the world title. In the match, Hou won in seven games, with a score of 5.5-1.5 (+4=3, TPR 2730).

Gibraltar Protest

The recent controversy involving world number one chess player Hou 一帆 has ignited a massive debate in the chess community. The Chinese grandmaster, often referred to as the “Queen of Chess”, resigned from the Gibraltar Chess Festival and threw her match against a male opponent to protest the fact that she had been paired against mostly female opponents. Although tournament officials argued that the pairings were a random mistake, Hou’s resignation has sparked a hot debate among chess fans.

The tradewise Gibraltar Chess Masters organizers have rejected the suggestion that pairings were fixed. They state that the pairings were determined by a Swiss manager pairing programme and independently verified by three FIDE International Arbiters. The players that Hou 一帆 was paired against were women in seven out of 10 games.

Games She Played In

Hou 一帆 is a Chinese chess player. She has won gold in two different events in the World Chess Championships, including the Blitz and Rapid events. She also took part in the 2011 World Team Chess Championships. She has also represented China in the Nations Cup. Hou recently won the Caissa Cup, which recognizes the female player with the best chess results in one calendar year.

In 2013, 一帆 Hou won the Women’s World Chess Championship in Taizhou, Jiangsu, China. She played on board one and won an individual gold medal. However, she lost the gold medal to Anna Ushenina in the rapid game tiebreaker in the final round. In addition, she won China’s national sportsperson award in 2010 and qualified for the World Cup 2011 as a team member.



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