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Free Download Full Version Microsoft Access Database (MDB) Repair Tool

Microsoft Access is software that comes in the MS Office package along with Word, Excel, etc. It is one of the most used DBMS (Database Management System) in the corporate world. It stores its data in MDB & ACCDB file format depending upon the version. But like all the others, it is also prone to get damaged or corrupted. But fortunately, its data can be recovered using an MDB Repair Tool.   These corruptions in the MDB file can occur due to several reasons. We will discuss all those reasons and the process to download the full version of the Access database recovery tool.  First of all, let us start this blog by knowing the reasons for MDB file corruption. Causes of Corruption in MDB  As discussed earlier, there can be several reasons for corruption which are as follows:

Some Reasons for Corruption

  • Power Issues
  • Improper exit from access
  • Virus/Malware Attacks

Let’s discuss them taking one at a time. Power Issues For smooth functioning of a system, a system requires stable power flow. If in the absence of a constant power flow, the system gets shut down abruptly. Then that can result in the corruption of MDB. Also, unstable power issues can result in substantial data loss or system crashes too. This tool is essential for recovering such losses. Improper Exit From Access The wrong exit from the Microsoft Access database in use or exiting a database when its MDB is open in some other application without correctly closing the application might result in database corruption. Several users do such things unknowingly. Virus/Malware Attacks Nowadays, corruption of files due to virus attacks is quite often. Viruses or malware can get into your system from the internet, USB drives, CDs, etc. And can cause enormous troubles for you by corrupting your files or crashing your system. Finally, we came to the end of explaining the reason for MDB file corruption. So, let us now move towards learning some errors which act as a signal for using MDB Repair Tool. Indicative Errors Suggesting MDB File Corruption Some of the most common error which indicates a corrupt MDB file is as follows:

  • Occurrence of data in an unexpected state.
  • Unable to read database records.
  • The database format is not recognizable.
  • Microsoft Access has itself detected corruption in the MDB or ACCDB file.
  • Moreover, sudden stoppage while two users are trying to change data in an MDB file simultaneously.
  • In addition to the above, the database may get missing.

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Now, let us explore the need for an MDB File Repair Tool. Need to Download Free MDB Repair Tool Although, there are several manual methods available to fix an MDB file. But, at some point, all such processes require technical expertise. Also, they can’t guarantee zero data loss. Hence, they are not an ideal choice for repairing an MDB file. Hence, it is better and recommended to use a third-party solution like MDB Repair Tool to repair your database files securely and effectively. Now,  you must be wondering about how to download the perfect free access database repair tool. So, let us quickly move towards that.   How to Free Download Full Version Access Database Recovery Tool Downloading a repair tool to repair MDB files online is a pretty easy task. Follow the given techniques to download the latter:

  • First of all, download and install the Access database Recovery
  • After that, select the access files you want to scan and repair by clicking on the Open button.
  • Wait until the software finishes scanning.
  • Now, choose the files you need to amend and recover.
  • Afterward, click on the Save button.
  • Furthermore, select the resultant file location from the tree and hit the OK button
  • Now, all your chosen files have been repaired and stored back in the picked section.


Through this article, I have explained various aspects of Microsoft Access Database (MDB) files like the cause of corruption, the need for downloading full version MDB Repair Tool, etc. Also, I elaborated the method for downloading the full version of the repair tool and the steps for MDB repair online. I hope that you found this article valuable.

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