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Here’s Why You Should Explore Other Avenues of Content Marketing

As the notion states, content marketing is all about using the right words to send the right impact on your audience. But truth be told, content marketing goes way beyond that and offers a great deal more.

Today, content has moved out of its stigma of strong verbiage and has moved on to other formats. Our generation is not limited to consuming content the same age old way of going through lengthy blogs & mind boggling articles. It has significantly evolved to video marketing, audio podcasting, social marketing and much more. Today, content marketing has many avenues and here’s an article which will help you learn about them.

So without any further ado, let’s check in what content marketing is about and how you can leverage it in your businesses.

Blogs & Website Landing Pages

The age old adage, when people think about learning new things on a certain product/service, they choose to read a ton of information on the topic from the Internet. They go through a variety of different blogs, learn about services through web pages & service pages, etc. Landing pages are one of the common ways businesses are learning a great deal about stuff through online channels. There are in fact more landing pages marketed across the Internet more than any other type of content. And these landing pages truly have some profound impact on the mind of the readers.

Even though the tradition of content marketing carries on, it does greatly depend on blogs & site landing pages. If businesses want to grow, they still invest a great deal in blogs & landing pages.

Audio Podcasting

Not as trendy as other content marketing practices, but audio podcasting is another lively way businesses are reaching out to customers digitally. Digital marketers are now implementing audio podcasts into content marketing strategies to give their businesses the boost it needs. The right audio podcast not only engages customers but also prepares their minds to make a purchase from the brand to which they are listening. Audio podcasts are indeed one of the massive ways businesses are becoming loyal. It is indeed making listeners become more familiar with the brand.

If you’re not investing in audio podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy, you’re missing out on your chance to engage more customers & bring business to your doorstep.

Email Marketing

Another great way of reaching out to your target audience or existing customers is to send them some really cool emails. While many might claim that email marketing is dead, the truth is entirely different.

It has some great benefits and certain brands are completely capitalizing on this type of marketing.

More than 40 percent of B2B marketers explain how email newsletters are a critical part of their content marketing strategy. 73% of millennials prefer email marketing as the best form of communication.

As far as the benefits of email marketing is concerned:

  • They generate a lot of traffic on your website.
  • They increase your chance of securing leads.
  • They communicate accurately with your audience.
  • You can produce cost-effective campaigns with email marketing.
  • Email marketing gives you the perfect platform for self-promotion.
  • It improves your sales and brings better ROI for business.


Infographic is a collection of imagery, minimal texts and statistical charts put together to give an easy-to-understand overview of topics. It is the single most easy way to reach the maximum number of audience and attract them towards your business. Infographics are a great way to interact with your target audience and bring a significant amount of people to their digital platform. They inform, educate & help individuals to tread on the right path and make the most out of their marketing efforts.

They are a great source of building up visual perception and creating powerful ROI through engagement. Brands who are not capitalizing on infographics in 2021 are surely missing out a great deal.

There are many blogs such as Branex and Social Media Today which are widely making use of such content types. Want to make the most out of your content marketing strategy? Then add infographics to them.


Last but not the least, videos are a great source of getting the best out of your marketing practices. Videos are of many types and are quite abundantly used in content marketing these days.

However, one of the particular videos which are gaining traction among audiences these days include animated production videos. People are now animating videos of the products/services which they are selling and promoting them online. These videos are quite helpful in educating the masses on the benefits their brand can bring for their target customers. Why are brands leveraging animation to do that? It’s because animations are quite interactive. They easily secure a place in our subconscious mind & convince us to make a purchase. So if you haven’t used videos in your marketing yet, now is the time.

So here are some of the avenues that you as a marketer should focus on when working with content marketing. Feel free to let us know if you have anything particular in mind.



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