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How To Convert OST Files In Gmail Account – Easy Method

Are you looking to know easy methods that can help you to convert your OST files into a Gmail account? Then this article is going to be significant for you. In this blog, I am going to discuss some easy methods that will help users to migrate OST files in Gmail account. Therefore, let us now learn about the different methodologies for transferring files from OST to Gmail.

OST files short form of Offline Storage Table is a file format that is associated with Outlook emails.OST files are also used to save the data of users in the system. User can only view their data even in the Offline mode and can access them again once the server gets connected to the internet. On the other hand, Gmail is another email client that is introduced by Google. It is one of the widely used mail accounts across the globe.

Users have certainly included Outlook accounts in their day-to-day activities. But, users have to face difficulty when he/she tries to view OST files into Gmail. That is when users want to transfer their files from Outlook into Gmail. While using the Gmail application users get the advantage of operating their account from anywhere at any time. Therefore, a user feels the necessity for converting OST files into a Gmail account.

Methods to Convert OST files in Gmail Account

Unfortunately, there is no straight method to convert OST files in Gmail. Either the user has to opt for an indirect method that can convert OST files in Gmail Account. Or another solution could be utilizing any OST to PST Converter tool for exporting files. In the indirect technique, initially, users have to convert the file into PST format and then transfer it to a Gmail account. However, the steps that are required to perform this approach are discussed below.

Indirect Method to Convert OST Files in Gmail

  • At first, you have to locate the OST file. For that Go to Outlook and open File Menu, choose Account Settings, and next again Account Settings.
  • Now select the Data Files tab and choose OST files and hit on the Open File Location option.
  • Now, in the Outlook account go to the File option.
  • Click Open and Export and then choose the Import / Export option.
  • Here, choose Export to a file and go for Next.
  • Now, choose Outlook Data File and go for Next.
  • Here, select the preferred email account and go for next.
  • Now choose the destination of the file from the Browse option and click on the Finish button.

Till now we have learned the steps to convert OST files into PST. Next, we will move into our main section, that is, to convert the OST file into a Gmail account. Now, to convert your PST files into Gmail, you can refer to the below-listed steps and perform the task successfully.

  • Go to your browser and download G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook(GSMMO)
  • Next, install the application on your computer.
  • Now, login into your account.
  • Next, give permission to access your Gmail account.
  • Here, you will receive a process successful message.
  • Now, choose the From PST file and go for Next.
  • Next, you will be automatically redirected to the destination of the PST file and click on Next.
  • Here, choose the options from the Migration Setting as per your requirement and go for Migrate button.

With the above steps, the indirect process to convert OST files in Gmail Account ends here. Regardless this is the only free method available to users for transferring OST files in Gmail yet it cannot be recommended to every common user. As because, this method has certain limitations included in it. Many users have raised some issues while performing this lengthy procedure.

Limitations of Indirect Method

  • This is a time taking and tiring practice.
  • Users need sound technical skills before moving on with this system.
  • Due to such an extended number of steps, there is no guarantee of data security.
  • In case of any problems, users do not have any option to get help from outside.
  • A large number of files cannot be converted with this technique.

Keeping in mind the above limitations I am suggesting here another easy and reliable method for the transfer process. This technique is professional software that could be easily operated and perform the conversion task.

Direct Method to Convert OST Files in Gmail Account

The most reliable method to convert OST files is to operate with Convert OST to PST software. This is an automated software designed by DRS Softech. The tool enables users to convert their OST files into any other file format or email client. With the help of this software, users can cancel duplicate emails while converting files from OST to any other format. Moreover, this application is designed with some extraordinary features that make it unique from other software. It is a very user-friendly tool and also offers a free demo version for its users.


In this article, I have disclosed two different approaches for converting OST files into Gmail Account. The direct method requires sufficient time and effort for execution whereas the automated approach needs very little time for the same task. Hence, users are suggested to choose the best alternative that can accomplish the task effortlessly.


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