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How to Customize Your Silicone Sex Doll in Various Ways

Sex is an essential part of life and no matter how people portray themselves, everyone enjoys being freaky in the bedroom. Sex dolls have become really popular and evolved in the last few years.. These dolls have gone from being cheap, inflatable and weird feeling to being manufactured with high-grade silicone that feels just like skin. Sex with a sex doll feels almost exactly like having intercourse with a real woman. Some people even prefer sex dolls over women as they tend to orgasm better with sex dolls.

Sex dolls are so much more than just inanimate items to have sex. A sex doll, rabbit vibrator can provide you companionship, unlike a hookup partner who just leaves after the act. They make you feel accepted when you are too afraid to reveal your sexual fantasies to anyone. You can be your authentic self with your sex doll and even form a bond beyond the bedroom. Sometimes, people have a very specific image in their head of how they want their partner to look. Although, you cannot choose the exact way your partner will look, you can surely customize the way your doll will look. Let’s take a look at the ways you can customize your sex doll:

  • Hair color: Hair is a major turn on for many men. Do you find redheads extremely sexy? Or perhaps, brunettes really turn you on? Or you want your doll to have pink, anime-like hair. You can even fulfill a dumb blonde fantasy with your own silicone sex doll.
  • Skin color/Ethnicity:A lot of people have an Asian fetish because of the petite features of Asian women and their submissive looks. A lot of men also have a preference for milky white skin or black women with really dark body parts. You can choose the skin color that appeals the most to you.
  • Areola color: let’s face it, you might like dark areolas on white skin or red areolas on dark skin, but real women do not support such body parts. You will either come across dark women with dark areolas or white women with bright pink areolas. You have full freedom to come up with your ideal woman with USBBDoll.

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  • Eye color: Eyes play a significant role in framing the facial features. We allow you to choose from black, blue, green, and brown color options. You can even make your doll have unique, striking features by giving it bright blue or green eyes on a dark skin. There are no limits so feel free to make your doll stand out.
  • Hand type: If you are more into petite or chubby women, you can choose to customize your doll with short, chubby hands. If you are more into tall or mature women with a slim figure you can choose to customize your sex doll with beautiful, long and hard hands. You can even paint the nails as you wish. You can also make your sex doll give you hand jobs and the feeling will vary a little depending on the type of hand you customize on your doll. Hard hands will be much more firm in pleasuring you. You can also choose to make your sex doll have bendable hands with grip, by choosing the wire fingers option.
  • Feet type: Foot fetish is extremely common. If you also have a foot fetish or simply admire the way feet look, we can customize the perfect feet for you. If you prefer to be dominated and worship female feet, the hard feet customization will be perfect for you. Hard, standing feet can also support the weight of your sex doll so you can put more pressure on it and try many new, risky sex positions. However, if you are more into soft women with very petite features, you should go for the soft feet customization option. Softy feet are best for positions where you lay down your sex doll.
  • Pubic hair: The pubic hair on our dolls in carefully placed around the beautifully colored labia, to make it look completely real. So, if you prefer feeling pubic hair while you have sex you can go for it. Or, if you wish to feel direct skin while having sex, it would be a better option for you to go for the no pubic hair option. You can also get a better look at your sex doll’s labia without any pubic hair.
  • Customize by height: If you are into very tiny girls with pubescent bodies, you can choose to go for the 145 cm height option. Or, if you are into fully developed girls with adult proportions, you can choose our 168cm height option. The height of your sex doll will also determine how you get to position her during sex. If you have a short height yourself, you can choose to feel dominated by our 168 cm tall dolls. Or, you can dominate the 145 cm doll whatever you want.


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