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How To Prevent Heart Diseases By Maintaining Blood Pressure?

The number of high blood pressure patients has increased in the last few years. High blood pressure is the steam cause of many health issues and puts you at high risk of potential health risks.

People who are suffering from high blood pressure are at high risk of heart attack, angina, vision loss, coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney diseases, peripheral artery disease, and sexual dysfunction.

Generally, a lot of people don’t know what type of blood they have and don’t have proper knowledge about the consequences of not knowing the blood group. We have developed this calculator for every gender and age group to let you know which blood type you have an easier way.

The results our blood type calculator provides are not 100% accurate as these results are based on average not diagnosis although a simpler and easier way to know the blood type of anyone in seconds.

Once you develop the high blood pressure issue, it is difficult to manage it but not impossible. The best heart specialists share that you can control your high blood pressure with some healthy lifestyle choices. You also need to know what triggers high blood pressure.

The following steps can help you to deal with high blood pressure.

  • Choose Magnesium and Potassium Rich Foods

Sodium leaves negative effects on your heart rate and can worsen your condition. Potassium helps to maintain your heart rate and leads to managing the negative effects of sodium. You should go with potassium-rich foods, like melons, tuna, salmon, nuts, beans, vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

Same with potassium, magnesium is also beneficial for high blood pressure. Intake of magnesium-rich foods helps to relax your blood vessels and allows blood to pass it thoroughly.

Magnesium-rich foods include vegetables, legumes, whole grains, chicken, dairy, etc. For a healthy heart, it is a good approach to increase the intake of magnesium as it will maintain your high blood pressure.

Such a diet helps to ensure the consumption of the nutrients that your body needs to perform proper functions, especially your heart.

Some people find it difficult to stick with such a diet plan but you can go with its alternative, which means supplements.

  • Limit Sodium Intake

Processed foods are popular these days, especially among the new generation. A report revealed that the high blood pressure problem has been increasing in young adults. So, it shows how much processed foods are destroying the health of people.

These processed foods include cheese, canned veggies, frozen dinners, hot dogs, meats, more salted foods, etc. there are other foods too that can destroy your health with sodium added, such as soups, side dishes, macaroni, cheese, and pizzas, etc.

Always read the sodium amount before buying anything to eat.

Make sure you do not cross 1500mg a day.

  • Manage Stress

Chronic mental health issues affect your blood pressure. One of the main causes of high blood pressure is long-term stress. Not only your blood pressure but stress is indirectly associated with a heart attack. Healthy lifestyle choices can help to manage your blood pressure but you should learn to manage your stress level. Visit a psychiatrist or go for talk therapy to discuss your stress level.

A healthy diet, exercise, and limited alcohol intake can help to prevent high blood pressure. Once you learn to control it, it will protect you from heart issues.

There are some effective ways to reduce the stress level, such as meditation, deep breathing, Journaling, happy moments with family and friends.

  • Go with Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains healthy heart compounds which are known as flavonoids. These compounds are healthy because they cause your blood vessels to dilate to lower your blood pressure. Read the chocolate label to make sure about the sugar content and it needs to contain 70% of dark chocolate.

You can eat one or two as per your choice. Make sure that you do not consume an excessive amount of dark chocolate.

  • Limit Refined Carbohydrates

According to studies, refined carbohydrates convert to sugar when a person eats such foods, as pasta, or white bread. Intake of such refined carbohydrates increases the blood pressure level and puts you at risk of potential medical health conditions.

Doctors suggest avoiding a moderate amount of sugar intake.

Wrapping Up

Riding a bike or simple jogging are also good practices to control your high blood pressure. Make sure that you choose a healthy lifestyle and diet plan to improve your heart health. A healthy diet is also beneficial for controlling cholesterol levels.



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