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How to respond when the market turns volatile

Forex is considered the most volatile market. It means the value of a currency can change at any time. Volatility can occur over different time frames. This can frustrate beginners and lead them toward loss or profit. It is very important to understand volatility.

What is volatility?

The value of all stocks and currency pairs can change at any time. It is also a feature of Forex. Sometimes, the value of a currency pair can change randomly. And the trader gets frustrated trying to buy or sell currency pairs fast. Each trader wants a currency at a suitable price. But the value of a currency can change on a minute-by-minute basis. That is why it is impossible to predict the price of a currency.

The change in currency prices can last for a few hours or even a few weeks. The main reason for the volatility is when traders don’t agree upon the value of a currency. When there is high demand for the currency, the prices will increase. If there is little demand for a currency, the currency’s price will be decreased.

Working with volatility

Investors should avoid volatile currencies because the high risk is also associated with them. The price of a currency can fluctuate more than the value of its actual price. But volatility means that a currency can go up or down from its value or even get worse. Time is a critical matter when dealing with the prices of each currency.

Even the most experienced investors are leery of entering a position until the market has returned to a more predictable place.

Take a look at some of the strategies traders employ to stay afloat during times of market volatility.

Utilize limit orders.

The traders can set a limit order so that the Forex brokers in South Africa will not buy a currency above a particular value and sell a currency below the currency value. If you did not limit your orders, there is a risk associated with each currency.

Reduce your stances.

If the trader mostly works with a particular currency, he will know how to manage risk if volatility arises. Trading is considered a game to manage risk. So the trader can turn the game in their favor. They can gain an opportunity when the volatility goes in their favor.

Play the long game.

If the trader works with long-term trading, it is an unemotional process. In long-term trading, the trader can get knowledge of the Forex market. He can observe the change in interest rates and the volatility in currencies.

If one trade does not go in your favor, it is time to learn from your mistakes.


Volatility is the most important feature of the Forex market. If the investor does not practice their skills, the volatility can lead them toward a loss. Risk management is an important factor in volatility. If the trader knows how to manage risk, then volatility can work in his or her favor.




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