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How to Sell Used Phones at Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

With the rapid advancement in technology, the used and refurbished phone market is also expanding.

People want to get high-tech mobiles, but not everyone can afford to have a brand new mobile. So, people prefer to get a second-hand or used phone, with the latest features they want to have.

You are running a second-hand and used phones business through repair shop software, but your growth is stagnant. And you don’t know how to steer your growth.

So, here are a few tried and tested techniques you can apply to get more profit by selling used or second-hand devices.

Know the Latest Trends

Knowing the latest trends must be your first and foremost task. Next, look at your item-wise sales report and see which items are selling the most. You can also do a short survey through

your social media pages and ask people.

You can ask them questions like which mobile phone they want to purchase and why. It will help you to know which used phone models and brands are people buying more.

Do some research on which used phones are liked by the customer a lot. Then, you can efficiently perform this task. First, look for a mobile phone sold in large amount, over the past few years. Then, start from the biggest contenders like Apple, Samsung, One Plus, Google Pixel, etc.

Connect with Suppliers

You already know what devices are your customers’ favorite; it is time to get them now. Besides trading devices with your customers, you can purchase in bulk from phone suppliers. Then, after buying them, furbish those devices and sell them to get your profit.

By purchasing used phones from vendors, you can quickly get bulk stock at a reasonable price. And you can sell those products for maximum profit.

Tip: Make sure you buy it from a vendor who gives a 30- days replacement policy.

Sell Them Quickly

While dealing with second-hand devices, make sure you sell them quickly. Please don’t keep them in your stock for too long because the selling price of the used phone deteriorates with time.

So keep selling them, whether or not you have to sell them at a low profit. Just look at the list of used devices in your POS software and strategically plan which device needs to be sold first.

Manage Inventory

Once you receive stock at your repair store, you can easily manage your inventory with the help of repair shop software.

Just follow the simple procedure. Stock comes to your repair shop, scans all items, and adds them to your POS software. Also, fill in other details like the placement of things. Now print barcodes and stick them on devices.

It will help you to keep track of all your items. Your POS software can also serialize your inventory. So you can trace them with your preferred IDs.

Create Bundle Offers

Who doesn’t like to have a free accessory or an accessory at a discounted price? For example, you can give your customer a tempered glass with the device. You can also offer them a charger at a discounted price.

You can also attract your customer with a device protection plan.

So, with the help of a repair shop POS software, you can easily create bundle offers. In addition, there is a feature in the software that helps you make offers and entice your customers.

Target Your Audience

You opened a store. Purchased used and second-hand mobiles from a supplier and started running your business. So, now it is time to grow your business. But, first, you need to target the right people.

Defining your target audience is crucial for you. Knowing your target audience will be easy for you to target them through multiple means and strategies.

But to get more customers, you must maneuver smartly.

Enhance Your Visibility: To be known by people, you need to be more visible. Use your social media platforms to tell customers about the products and their prices.

Keep coming up with the updates, deals, and products and be more visible.

You can also create a positive word of mouth by asking for reviews from your customers.

Grab the Attention of Your Customer: Your customers are your powerhouse. Once they come and buy a product from you, now you need to retain them.

So first, you need to get their attention. Then you can efficiently perform this task by keeping yourself in touch with your customers. Send them emails and text messages and keep them updated. Through your cell phone repair shop software, you can easily automate this process.

Deliver Excellent Services: Your customer service matters a lot. Excellent customer service should be part of your repair shop DNA. In addition, excellent customer service helps you to get more marketing and sales opportunities.

Investing in customer retention costs you less than investing in customer acquisition. So, offer exceptional service to your customers, and it will ultimately help you to retain them.

Final Word

Selling second-hand and used mobile phones is a bit daunting. Second-hand mobile phones have the stigma that there must be something wrong with them with the low price. So at times, convincing your customer is an uphill task.

But by using all the above effective strategies, you can sell them for maximum profit. However, if you have a good repair shop POS software, it will be easier for you to sell second-hand and used devices. You can create instant purchase orders from your vendors and can manage store inventory conveniently.



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