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How To Spy On Your Competitors Using The Facebook Ads

Competition these days is no joke. The thin margin of success makes all the difference and yet is easily out done by some other company or business. The sheer force of competitions is generally a good thing for the consumers as they never do run out of content, products and services. Of course, due to the rate of ever-growing demands companies are at each other’s neck to be the top providers and so the cycle continues indefinitely, until there are no expectations or demands.

Knowing who you are up against is a good step to improve or study your marketing plan along with theirs. Like the saying goes, keep your friends close, your enemies closer cultivate a close inspection on your rival companies to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Through knowing their flaws you can exhibit activities which they are not good at and boost your publicity through media coverage

A good reason why companies spend a majority of their funds on market research and competition, through hiring consultancy firms, online survey, customer reviews and feedback is to understand their stature in any given situation. Whether to determine how well off or not good enough their work has been on a regular basis.

If you are searching for a means of discovering the factual details and analysis of your competitors and their performance then there is an easier route to take,

Search For FB Advertisement Competitors Use

This is a known protocol used by most marketers at some point of their career. It is encouraged by fb to look for ads used by companies or brands whose platform is fixed on it. There has been a recent launch of a software or feature tool that allows viewers to see what ads are being used by companies in their social media channels. Click here to learn more about the PPC services.

This tool helps in searching old and new ads dealing with socio-political issues, recent election campaigns and so on ever since it’s arrival. This is just one of many tools used to find out what your competitors are planning, executing and expecting from their part of the target audience.

Through the Route of Impression

Moving further into understanding tools such as the ad library, it has the functionality of filtering ads through the term or factor called impression; the number of times a single advertising content is displayed on any working device screen during its first run. For high profile competition, their said ad releases are usually twice as much as the average amount of views and in order to grasp the factual analysis of your competition filters help categorise the differences.

To begin using the tool, type in the brand name or organisation that you want to check out in the mentioned search bar and then appears the option button leading to the fb page. Now, you will need to click on the “filter by impression” option and manage your sorting options from maximum to minimum. There is now a list consisting of current ads promoted by the given company and it is the outcome of the filtered content.

Find And Research On Types of Media Used

The mentioned tool also evaluates the sort of media used by the competitors in their active ads. While creating fb ads there are a wide array of formats available which includes images, video content, story content, presentations and so on.

For newcomers who have not experienced fb marketing or the lack of expertise in other different formats, the tool called ad library proves to be a unique tool to learn from other marketers and their ad plans. Try to make a list of companies or people you wish to examine and  their ads in the library, mentioning the type of media incorporated with the advertisement.

Take a Hint on Ad Messages

The message is important in any and every advertising campaign, the aim of advertisers is successfully executing the ad deliverance to their target pool. The place, timing, way of directing the ad all plays a vital role in a successful ad campaign. Thus, as you look at the active ad occurring in their sites take a closer look at the message they try to pull off through headlines, design, colour, elements and actions. The competitors should have a specific method of advertising online as they too are marketers and follow trend strategies like all others, look at the product or service they aim to sell to their audience.

Looking and dissecting the purpose of the ads through underlying messages help you get a better understanding of what sells and doesn’t. This also prevents your ads to sound and look similar to any other ad present in the media, make ads which depict original ideas and trendsetters, that way certain type of aimed customers gravitate around the company.

The Time Factor

Try to set the tool filter to duration, through this one can look at the shelf life of ads being displayed on a timely basis. A while record or history of ads put up and taken down are mentioned. Click here to learn more on the number of days the record starts. According to the number of days an ad remains active in media platforms, it usually means that the company is gaining traffic and an increase in their pay per click services. Nowadays, companies like ppc have formed partnerships with companies.

Look Into Popular Trends

Time to test the waters, set out ads similar to the competition you have to see how well the tools work in different social media platforms, this includes working with pay per click services or ppc company for better analysis on the trends. There are popular trends like events and holiday sales that bring about the most customer numbers to any other average work day.

Apply the above mentioned tips and find out the best tool to filter and search other successful ads.



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