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Importance of Employee Background Verification During New Hiring

Hiring a new person in a big company can be a matter of suspicion. When a company hires a person, they expect the person to serve the company and work for its growth. But unfortunately, there are bad hires too.

Employee Background Verification is nothing but the checking system that mainly concerns the returning results constructed to help an owner of any organization be safe from the high-risk employee hiring. This is the process of evaluating the employee’s history, including commercial records, financial records, criminal records, and other records of a specific person or a company. This is done to understand the authenticity of a person.

What are the types of Employee Background Verification?

There are various types of Background Verifications, and each type is used for different special situations. The top 10 types of Background Verifications are listed below for your better understanding:

  • Employee Background Verification for Criminal Verification
  • Universal Background Verification
  • OIG background Verification
  • E-Verify Background Verification
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • International Background Verification
  • Credit Background Verification
  • Personal Background Verification
  • Professional Background Licences Verification

 What is the importance of Background Verification?

Employee Background Verification is the most crucial factor for a company. This process helps to hire a good employee for a company that further helps the company grow more in a vast way. Some of the points are given below that will help to discuss the importance of this process:

1. Ensures Qualification- 

This helps to understand whether the applicant is even qualified for the job role that your company is searching for. No company wants to end with hiring a person who is not fit for the job and is a total waste.

2. Ensures Character Check-

Character check is important to understand the person’s character as the company’s reputation is very much important in the market.

3. Keeps the environment Safe and Healthy-

A good person ensures a positive environment and also provides an excellent reputation to the customers. Background check saves your company from intoxicated individuals as well.

4. Decreases the Liability of the Company-

If you hire a genuine work person, you will protect your company from additional biases and lawsuits also further save yourself from the low insurance cost.

What is included in the Background Verification Process?

While performing the Background Verification Process, you need a person’s name, birthday, and social security number. This will help you and your company to avail of information on them from public and private databases. The qualified, experienced Background Verification provider will provide all the information that is easy to understand.

In most cases, the Background Verification Process covers the following points to understand the person that you are going to hire:

  • Identity Verification- This confirms that the applicant has provided all the details accurately and is right to work for the company.
  • Criminal Past- This helps to determine whether the applicant had any negative criminal past.
  • Education Background– This ensures whether the applicant is knowledgeable and has provided the accurate education qualification in the CV.
  • Employment History- This is to know whether the applicant has worked before and if yes, then what is the period so that they can also get an idea about the accurate history of work experience.
  • Credit Verification- This type of verification ensures whether the applicant can manage the budget or try to access the company’s funds.


Therefore, the verification of employment is necessary to ensure the hiring of good mind and surroundings. With a proper employee, a company can touch the sky and can fall to hell as well. The employees are the company’s backbones, so it is important to choose the backbone carefully.



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