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Is Artificial Intelligence Changing the World of Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are no longer buzz words referring to some innovations shrouded in mystery. Instead, they are very much parts and parcels of the latest tech offerings for different fields. These technologies have penetrated every space, from social media chatbots to recommendation engines to search engine algorithms to data and network security tools to the latest eLearning programs.

But they penetrated the mobile app development field most. As a result, mobile app development thanks to AI and ML technologies has been completely transformed. Most app developers now use AI and ML technologies as critical value additions to app projects, from content curation to secure authentication to a more sophisticated and personalized user experience.

Face Mapping and Face Recognition

Mobile apps mapping your face and recognizing key characteristics to make user authentication easier with every subsequent login attempt may sound too futuristic, but it is already a reality. Such unique authentication is particularly important for protecting the data of security-critical apps such as banking apps, e-commerce apps, etc.

Face recognition technology can also give an assured facelift to the general smartphone device security. Today face recognition technology has been improved to such an extent that any person’s face, even in a low-light condition or with a different headgear and makeup, can be recognized by the phone.

There are certain apps where the users upload misleading or false images. Dating apps provide a great example of such apps. In many dating apps such as Tinder, users upload fake images and misleading photos, which often causes a trust deficit for the platform. However, the emergence of AI-powered face recognition can alter this situation.

Content Automation

In some cases, Artificial Intelligence can even go beyond regular human abilities and can carry out activities without human intervention. For example, until recently, it was believed that content creation is something that requires typical human understanding and logical prowess. But then we have AI-powered bots that can create authoritative and unique content based on the data it is fed.

Certain content-focused mobile apps have been key beneficiaries of this AI-powered content creation. For example, content creation can be automated and streamlined, and bots can answer certain queries based on internet data, and certain details can be organized and presented as content. For example, for ranking the replies and detecting the flaws and merits of user-produced answers, Quora is already using this technology.

Intelligent Voice Assistants

The greatest and possibly the most era-defining impact of AI on mobile app development can be explained by the emergence of voice assistant solutions such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and several others. While Amazon Alexa has been a forerunner, setting high standards by integrating different devices and gadgets, Apple Siri and Google Assistant are fast catching up.

If you build an app that focuses on letting the voice assistant interact with the users, the app user experience gets an assured boost. Thanks to intelligent voice assistants, users will interact with the app and get things done more seamlessly. Hence, intelligent voice assistants have emerged as crucial value additions for mobile apps.

The intelligent voice assistants are further having the push of several AI-based technologies. Understanding naturally spoken words using Natural Language Processing (NLP) is another crucial value addition offered by AI-powered mobile apps.

Highly Contextual Search Engine Results

As an increasing number of users, while using mobile apps and the web, please make use of both text and voice inputs for searching content; users get delighted further when the search results are optimized as per their contexts and situations. An AI-powered and intelligent search function promises to deliver highly personalized results based upon specific user contexts.

Intelligent visual search is at the same time gaining popularity. AI empowers visual search and allows the search engines to utilize the scope of precise searches to the optimum. Already a visual search function powered by AI technology has been incorporated by Google and several other apps. In the time to come, visual search will be part and parcel of regular search engine experience.

Mobile App Security Getting more Robust

A crucial aspect that will have a positive impact on AI is user authorization and authentication. Bot attacks are increasingly getting common to render apps ineffective. By sending millions of user requests from too many bots within a small period, an app can be stopped working. This is where AI-powered security tools can play a highly efficient role.

Thanks to AI technology, real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities and risks are easily possible. Moreover, AI-based security can easily detect anomalies and irregularities, smacking something fishy and risky for the app security. Thus, AI-based security protection can completely safeguard an app from all sorts of security threats.

Artificial intelligence can detect irregularities that are signs of malicious attacks. But, on the other hand, machine learning can learn from the user behavior and use patterns and accordingly can set alarms when such use pattern is contradicted for way too long.


So the possibilities of AI-powered revolution in the mobile app development space are real now. AI and ML technologies are continuously making app development streamlined with a multitude of unique value additions. No wonder that almost all the leading mobile apps across diverse business niches now embraced AI technology for app development. AI is also continuing to push customization and offering a personalized user experience for app users.



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