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Is Double Hip Replacement Surgery Worthy?

Are you suffering from severe arthritis? Is your daily life hampered by the pain and stiffness of the joint? The answer is simple: to get a total hip replacement. The surgeon removes the damaged parts in the joint, replacing them with an artificial part, during the surgery. Now there are questions regarding the several reasons behind damage or deterioration of joints. Some root causes are osteonecrosis, developmental dysplasia, accidents leading to hip fracture, etc. So double hip replacement recovery time questions are asked.

Now if we talk about the goodwill of the surgery, which is numerous. Let us systematically understand them.

  • Acts As A Pain Reliever: the most important problem for a person suffering from arthritis is unbearable pain in the joint and stiffness. Arthritis is seen among middle and old-age persons and worsens with time and age. Arthritis leads to many other problems, including injury, infections, abnormal metabolism, immune system dysfunction, and genetic makeup. So we can understand what a person suffering from arthritis goes through. Sometimes people suffer from a single hip joint and sometimes from a double hip joint arthritis. Thus a heap replacement surgery not only reduces pain but also allows the patient to get rid of the arthritic hip pain completely.
  • Probability Of Higher Success Rate: millions of surgeries are carried out throughout the world. Some of these surgeries are minor, while the others are major. But not every surgery is a successful one. The success rate is higher in minor surgery, whereas in major complex surgery, the probability rate is either balanced or low. If you look at the history of surgery, we can see that it has been practiced for many centuries. The method of surgery has improved, and the probability of success has become higher over time. The problem of arthritis is not a new one, rather it is one of the oldest problems suffered by human beings in middle and lower old ages. The double hip replacement surgery has been performed and perfected over some time. As a result, the success rate of a single or a double hip replacement is high. This surgery is quite common nowadays, and so it has become a minor surgery rather than a major.
  • Restores Mobility And Function Of The Hip Joint: the hip joint acts as a bridge to connect the axial skeleton with the lower extremities. The hip facilitates various movements that include extension, rotation, adduction, etc. To be more precise, hip joints play an important role in standing, running, jumping, bending, etc. Let’s assume that a person working in an office has to sit in front of the office computer for quite some time, and he needs to get up for a break, but he suffers from agonizing pain as he is suffering from arthritis. When a person gets old, he/she likes to spend time with his/her grandchildren. While playing with his grandchildren, he suffers problems while moving. With the higher success rate in hip replacement surgery, the problem of arthritis is reduced, resulting in increased smooth mobility. It helps you to stand straight and walk with little or no restraint. People suffer from arthritis when they ascend stairs, put on socks, get up after sitting for quite a while, etc. So people should try to get a total hip replacement after consulting a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Cost-Effective: we all know that surgery costs a lot of money and risk. Then the question arises, is it worth it? It depends upon the perspective of a person. Improvement in science and technology and rising demand for hip replacement surgery have become quite common in recent times. Since it has become a common surgery, and with technological advancement, the cost of such surgery is very low. Additionally, the benefits of the surgery are quite enormous, as we can start walking from food to 6 months after the surgery and we can be fit after 1-2 years, so it is worth it.

Apart from the benefits, a few tips are required to keep in mind. This includes smoking, exercise, meals, and home preparations. After the double hip replacement surgery, a person should quit smoking as smoking acts as a barrier in the healing process. Exercise is recommended for everyone as it keeps us healthy. Exercising regularly, helps us reduce weight which can reduce stress and acts as a catalyst in recovery. We should undergo a strict diet and consult a doctor for recovery. Things that are required in your daily life should be kept, within arm’s reach. It is helpful if somebody trustworthy is there to support you in your daily activities like cleaning laundry and cooking.


It can be said that double hip replacement complications are very minimum, which further helps people reduce pain and joint stiffness. In addition, it gives us the liberty to work like before and ease our living.



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