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Just How Do You Skate An Electric Skateboard?

You have actually got yourself an electrical skateboard and wish to try it out, however if you don’t know how than we are here to aid you in your endeavors.

In this post, we have assembled a couple of suggestions as well as tricks to exactly how you can quickly ride your electric skateboard.

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Your Footing

Where skateboarding is concerned, the first thing you need to figure out is whether you are left-footed or right-footed. While riding a skateboard, it’s called being regular or goofy.

If you lead with your left foot you are regular and if you lead with your right foot, you are goofy

Nonetheless, it does not mean that your stance will be with you for eternity. It can quickly be turned around and you can even switch while riding, although that requires some practice.

We recommend that you attempt both positions and identify on your own whichever you find the most effective.

It might really feel a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning however within initial few trips you will be able to figure it out by yourself.

Refining Your Footing

Several riders that are new, have a tendency to press their bodies in a solitary setting. This is due to lack of expertise that your impulses begin to secure you from falling.

Nevertheless, you should not fret and rather relax you body so your motion is not limited and also stand upright on your board and a little flex your knees and keep your arms out. This will certainly help you stabilize as well as respond swiftly.

After you have learned how to make use of to it, each time you will jump on the board, muscular memory will certainly start up on its own and you will instantly find yourself in your best position.

Moving forward

This is where electrical skateboarding differs from normal skateboarding. As opposed to your feet doing the pressing, you will be utilizing a wireless remote that includes your skateboard to accelerate.

With some skateboards you will really feel a punch when you throttle, nonetheless, skateboards now come in various modes and you can begin with the most affordable if it’s your very first time around.

A slight throttle ahead is all that is called for at this point.

When you accelerate, you will wish to lean forward as well as put pressure on the front foot. Somewhat bend your front leg greater than the back leg.

Keep your back foot in the direction of the end of your board, as you will certainly require to spread your weight in rather correct fashion across the board.

If you do not, there is a possibility that you will send your board flying will falling on your face which is not a setting you wish to remain in.

Slowdown And Stopping

While stopping, you weight will undoubtedly be moving forward. Therefore, see to it to place more stress on the back-foot beforehand as well as move your weight backward. By doing this you will be balancing out your weight when you will certainly be decreasing or stopping.

This will prepare your front-foot for braking.


Some electric skateboards have the option to go in the opposite direction i.e. reverse. If your board has this feature than you may want to discover a trick or two that might relieve you beforehand.

To start with, apply stress to the front-foot prior to reversing. This way when the stress is used on the back-foot your weight will be in perfect equilibrium.


Changing directions is also different than what you are most likely to experience with a traditional skateboard.

With a stable stance, while going forward, a little shift your body weight to your toes or heels for making turns.

The following are the types of turns you can make:

1) Front-side: With front-side turn you will be shifting your bodyweight a little to your toes, which indicates that the epicenter of your turn will remain in front of you.

2) Back-side: On the contrary, you will certainly be shifting with your heels. Found at the rear of your foot, this is called the back-side turn.

Pushing Manually

You will certainly need to by push the board if it were to run out of battery. For this it’s good to practice pushing if you do not wish to take a stroll.

To push manually, get your front-foot near to the center of the board, facing the nose, while your back-foot is shifted and near the tail-end of the board or on the kick-tail.

Move your weight towards the front foot and release your back foot and also bring it along with your front foot slightly in reverse motion.

Currently push the ground and you will have done a kick-push.

This also calls for method as you will certainly require to practice standing on one leg while releasing the other.

Manual braking

While pushing manually, you are required to learn how to stop or slow down.

To carry out manual braking simply take off your back-foot and drag it along the real estate, while slowly tightening your placement as the board reduces.

When implementing emergency braking, drop your shoulder and wrap your arms around your body or simply your head if you are not using any type of helmet and also jump-off, but only in extreme situations.

Final thoughts

If you are a newbie you may desire to take things slower and get a hang of a few things before going for it.

It is more suitable to execute what you have learned in parts rather than doing every little thing at once. You will just add to your troubles if you begin doing everything at the same time.

Nonetheless, as soon as you have actually discovered all there is to discover, simply enjoy and have a good time.



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