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Leverage The Perks Of Adding Google Reviews On Wix Website

Who does not know about Wix? 

It is an amazing CMS platform that is trusted by millions of users for creating a fully functional website. Its intuitive drag-and-drop feature has won the hearts of its users. 

But moving forward with an attractive website is not the only thing that can impress your audiences. Your online audiences need to put their trust in your product and services. 

This is where customer reviews play a vital role for them. And since Google Reviews is a reliable platform, many business owners have started to embed Google reviews on the Wix website. 

A Google review widget on Wix website is not just relevant for the website’s visual appeal but also enables better social recognition. 

But that’s not it. Google Reviews widget on Wix website has a lot to offer. Let’s get to know more about it. 

Superpower Of Adding Google Reviews to Wix Website

Google reviews are more than just feedback. They are the emotions and experiences  related to your products and services. And there is no shame in coining them. You have earned it. Take a look at the benefits to know how Google reviews widget on your Wix website can help you out. 

1. Hold on to Visitors

It is said that humans have the attention of a goldfish. It is not easy catching the attention of your visitors. So, how would you hold their attention?

As a matter of fact, your customers love to know what other people have to say about your business. And based on this personal survey, they take their final decision. Considering this behavior, Google reviews widget on Wix website can help you. 

As a business owner, you can showcase all the positive Google reviews you have received, on your Wix website. This will help you, as a business owner, to hold their attention on your website.

2. Boost Business Trust 

Imagine you came across a product you have been looking for for a long time. You saw the same product on a website new to your knowledge?

Chances are you will not buy from the website, as it is new to your knowledge and you do not trust it. Trust is a main factor when it comes to buying. 

In such a case, Google reviews widget on Wix website helps you to establish trust and credibility. With a cluster of customers talking positively about your products and services will have a good impression on your first time visitors. 

3. Enhanced Conversion Rate 

One of the prime benefits of having a Google reviews widget on a website is that it can help you convert the visitors into customers. 

But how ? 

Let us explain. 

Your potential customers might be in a dilemma whether to buy from you or not. In such a case, when you embed Google reviews on Wix website, it acts as a final nail in the coffin. Meaning, when your potential customers will see the reviews, they will buy from you immediately. 

4. Increase Brand Awareness

When you embed Google reviews on Wix website, you also get a perk of brand awareness. How? 

Let us explain. 

Chances are your website is the first touchpoint of your potential customer’s journey. In that case, when they see a cluster of Google reviews on your website, they will be eager to know more about your brand. 

Remember that Google reviews are not like your monotonous product descriptions. In fact, they have various viewpoints of your past customers. And what will be more convincing than that to the potential customers. 

5. Builds A Review Cycle 

Getting and asking for reviews is not as easy it seems. Thankfully, This reviews widget can help you in this context. 

When your customers see Google reviews widget on Wix website, they feel valued and impressed by this gesture. And chances are your customers, who have not left a Google review, will also write feedback for you, to get featured on a brand’s website. 

This way, it will create a review cycle for your business. 

Wrapping it up

We are now at the final episode of the benefits of Google reviews widget on Wix website.

Adding Google reviews on Wix website is a powerful method for any business to enhance their visibility, build trustable relationships and credibility with their potential customers. More importantly, it can also help in fetch reviews. 

Remember that, when you are asking for Google reviews for your business, do not incentivize them to write positive reviews. This will hamper you from getting honest reviews. Apart from that, if you receive negative reviews, try to talk to your customers, solve the issue. 

Now that you are fully aware of the benefits that come with embedding Google reviews on Wix website. Utilize this method in building a successful online business in the most cost-effective and easy way.



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