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NetBase Quid Discusses Top 5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Companies can use social media tools to make marketing decisions in many exciting ways. You can gather a lot of data about what your customers and potential customers want, as well as the good and bad aspects of your company.

This way, you can identify the best possible strategy for yourself to please your customers better. This article will take you through some social media tools that can help increase your customer base.

1. NetBase Quid®

NetBase Quid® lets you make marketing decisions by analyzing data that you already have. You can use the already existing data to analyze how visitors are on your site and what they are interested in.

Another thing that you can do with NetBase Quid® is analyzing your customers’ needs and wants so that you will be able to predict what they need next.

You can also choose the best way to respond to the things your customers want or need. The good thing about this strategy is that it does not have costs because it uses information about your customers that you have already gathered or gotten from other sources.

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo lets you find out how your competitors get their traffic. It can help you find many good and interesting articles, which can be good to attract visitors to your site.

This tool allows you to put in any keyword so that it will look for all the content with that keyword. You will then see that keyword’s most shared content on social media sites.

This can help you pinpoint what kind of content is popular right now and what has been popular before so that you can come up with good strategies that might work when marketing your products or services.

3. Tagboard

This tool can be used to create a good and effective marketing strategy, especially when you want to be creative. It allows you to see the most popular keywords right now, and then it lets you put in your own keyword so that you can see what the search engines use for it.

Doing this will allow you to see what kind of content is shared most online. You do not have to wait for long, as all the data is updated every time a new post is published on all the social media sites monitored by this tool. This way, your social media campaign will reflect how people actually use these sites, and search engines will show how they respond to specific keywords or phrases.

4. Rival IQ

Rival IQ gives you the data to analyze your competitors. It lets you see what kind of content they put on their site so you can know what to put on yours. Another important thing that this tool shows is the performance of your competitors. That way, you will learn how useful certain strategies are and how effective a particular piece of content is.

5. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon lets you make marketing decisions simply by getting input from your visitors. It enables you to set up polls to give your customers a chance to vote and voice out what they think about your products or services.

Another thing that Smash Balloon does is that it allows you to give rewards for taking part in their poll. This makes more people participate in the polls, which can give you more accurate data.

About Netbase Quid

NetBase Quid is a social media management and analytics service that automates the process of extracting sentiment, text, and key performance indicators from conversations on social networks. The service provides a dashboard for brands to monitor, analyze, and engage with their communities at scale.

The Bottom Line

The social media tools listed above are the best because they can help you determine what your customers and potential customers want and what your competitors are doing about it. This way, you can develop innovative strategies that work for your company.



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