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Netflix Tests New “Shuffle Play” Feature

Shuffle play netflix netflix h1pereztechcrunch feature that will allow the service’s algorithm to choose what you’ll watch next. The feature is slated to roll out to all users in H1 2021. Netflix is constantly looking for ways to better connect their users to the content they want.

Shuffle Mode Vs Shuffle Play

Netflix has been testing a new feature called “shuffle play” that allows users to quickly switch between two different types of content on the streaming service. This feature works on multiple screens, including the main screen, profile gate, and side menu. The company began testing the feature to members worldwide last month.

Although there are no specific dates for the public launch of this new feature, Netflix said that the feedback from test participants was positive.

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The Netflix shuffle play option is similar to its “shuffle mode” feature. This option allows users to randomly select TV shows or movies to watch. In addition, Netflix has also been trying to make finding content on its service easier. In the last year, the service added a “New & Popular” tab.

While the Netflix shuffle play feature has been in development for some time, the company said it would roll it out to its worldwide subscribers in the first half of 2021. Netflix has also begun testing the new feature on its mobile devices.

It Will Roll Out Globally In 2021

Netflix is experimenting with a new feature called “Shuffle Play.” The service lets its algorithm pick what you should watch next based on your viewing history. It’s expected to roll out worldwide during the first half of 2021. Its aim is to make watching content easier for its users.

Netflix has been testing the feature on various surfaces, including the profile gate, side menu, and main screen. It started testing the feature globally on members last month, but it hasn’t decided when it will be made available to the general public.

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The company has declined to say exactly how many people have opted into the test. The feature’s main goal is to make it easier to find content on Netflix. Netflix hopes to use the results of the trial to roll out the “shuffle play” feature on a permanent basis. It will present you with titles based on your viewing history and your “My List” section.



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