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Paige Therapeutics Announces $100 Million Series C Financing

computational paige 100m series casdin capital, an AI-powered digital diagnostics company based in NYC, has raised $100 million in Series C funding. The round was led by Casdin Capital, and included existing investors Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc. Paige plans to use the funds to accelerate the development of its AI-based clinical applications and to expand its sales and marketing efforts. In addition, the company plans to hire 70 new employees by 2021.

Future Ventures Of Computational Paige 100m Series Casdin Capital Johnson Innovation

Paige Therapeutics is a startup that offers computational pathology software to diagnose cancer. Its software delivers a prognosis and guides treatment planning. Paige has already received breakthrough status from the FDA in the U.S. and has received funding from several venture firms.

Paige has attracted an incredible amount of investment, attracting $100 million in funding. The company has a clear vision for using AI to help oncologists and pathologists. The company has already received investment from Johnson Innovation and Casdin Capital. Paige is now running into the world of genomics and medical data science.

The new funding will accelerate Paige’s development of AI-based diagnostic software. The company will also expand its geographic footprint and accelerate its development of biomarkers and clinical applications. Its new funding will also help the company hire dozens of employees to improve its product and services.

Future Plans For Paige

Paige is a medical technology company that raised over $20 million in funding in July of 2017. The company plans to use the funds to double its team size and continue to develop AI-based products. Paige plans to deliver its AI-driven products to physicians and labs around the world.

The company is a leader in AI-based diagnostic software for pathologists. The new funding will help it expand its geographic footprint and develop new biomarkers and clinical applications. It also plans to hire 70 new employees over the next year to increase the adoption of its platform. The company also intends to use the funding to expand its sales and marketing efforts.

Paige is a company with a mission to help oncologists and pathologists apply AI to their diagnostics. The team remains accountable for its work, and it does not compromise on its applications. The company is committed to making the medical world a better place to treat patients. It is also committed to connecting with the pharma industry to spread the use of AI technology.

Paige has a number of AI-based tools for detecting cancer from biopsy slides. These programs are designed to identify suspicious areas and flag them for review by

pathologists. The company has ingested 1.2 million images into its slide database. The AI system also takes into account genomic, drug response, and outcome data. The company is also working on developing diagnostic solutions and prognostic capabilities.

Future Goals

Paige, a leader in AI-based digital diagnostics, announced the closing of a $100 million Series C round of financing. Paige’s technology helps medical professionals unlock insights from patient samples and improve patient outcomes. The company has raised the money through a combination of existing investors and new venture capital funds.

Paige’s AI vision is to serve pathologists and oncologists by converting pathology data into more effective applications. Paige also wants to expand its service offerings to the pharma industry. In addition to its AI software, Paige hopes to build partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry and spread AI technologies throughout the medical industry.



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