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Popular Features Of Counsol EMR Software Overview provides a cloud-based practice management solution that incorporates electronic medical record (EMR) management tools like client notes, insurance claims, appointments, and invoicing. It is HIPAA compliant and best suited for independent practitioners.

Key Features of CounSol Software

According to CounSol reviews, it is the most outstanding online solution for private counseling practices. It is the clear pick due to its ease of use, responsive customer service, and user-friendly design. Here are the top features.

Appointment Scheduling Tools

Users of can utilize their admin calendar for both professional and personal purposes. For example, patients can only schedule consultations based on your availability and the length of sessions you provide. It also allows you to customize how your calendar is shown; hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Patients can also choose between online video sessions, phone conversations, chat sessions, and in-person visits. Furthermore, your patients can make appointments seamlessly based on when it is convenient for you and them.

Client Web Portal

You can set up a client web portal where patients can access communications from their clinics, make appointments, pay bills, and keep a patient journal. Clients can also interact with you via online video and chat sessions. Moreover, clients can acquire computerized appointment reminders through email, text messages, or phone recordings.

Computerized Reminders

This therapy clinic system allows you to send automatic appointment reminders to your patients up to 72 hours ahead of time. As a result, your clients have enough time to reschedule or confirm appointments if they cannot appear on that day or time. Overall, you can quickly eliminate no-shows, streamline your meetings, and send out reminders.

Claims Management

CounSol makes it simple to create, submit, and view claims and their statuses. They work with a third-party clearinghouse to make it simple to submit claims electronically and obtain ERAs through the system. Simply create an account with the clearinghouse and enter your account information into

Telehealth helps you improve the productivity of your practice by providing HIPAA-compliant secure live video and chat sessions. The software contains several features tailored to patients and counselors who prefer online counseling via video sessions. It enables secure video sessions within the secure client portal without the need for any software downloads. Video sessions are simple to utilize on both ends and have an unlimited number of uses. These sessions are accessible via phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

Online chat sessions are a safe approach to conduct instant messaging for counseling purposes. You can communicate with patients via your admin portal, and patients can access the chat via their client site, maintaining complete privacy and security. In addition, these chat sessions are available for indefinite usage and are saved in your admin records.

Benefits of Using CounSol Software

Customized Features

CounSol software is tailored to the specific requirements of counselors. It allows you more control over how your medical facility is managed than any other practice management system, allowing your personal and professional identity to serve as the core of your management solution. In addition, you can tailor almost all of the functionality provided by this platform to your requirements.

Improved Practice Efficiency

This platform is a one-stop solution for therapists wishing to increase the efficiency of their practice. It allows patients to arrange their appointments online, freeing up your time to focus on providing quality care. With a few clicks, your clients can access credit card processing, insurance claim submission, and secure messaging all in one spot. According to CounSol reviews, the software includes pre-populated client information and templates for session notes, treatment plans, and progress notes, among other things, to help with documentation.

Easily Accessible

By offering secure online video and chat sessions, maintains your practice on the cutting edge. All connections are routed through their 256-bit encrypted Tier IV data center. As a result, therapists can conduct secure sessions from anywhere in the United States with a stable internet connection using their laptops.

Efficient Customer Service values all of its customers and takes great pleasure in providing exceptional customer service. They provide the best degree of customer support by assigning one account manager to your account. The account manager will be available to help you from the beginning and will be your primary point of contact at Although the organization provides online chat assistance, they greatly believe in maintaining open lines of communication with you via email and phone.

Synchronized Calendar

Calendar subscription or iCal are both options for syncing your calendar appointments to your phone, tablet, or desktop calendar. A calendar subscription will automatically update your device’s calendar with changes made in your calendar.

How Much Does the CounSol Software Costs?

CounSol software provides four alternative options at different price ranges to meet each user’s particular financial and administrative needs. You can select one based on your needs.

  • $69.95/month for Premium Plus
  • $59.95/month for Premium
  • $54.95/month for Standard Plus
  • $44.95/month for Standard

CounSol Reviews


  • The system is straightforward to use.
  • They offer more features than any other practice Management System available on the market.
  • The software provides a HIPPA compliant client portal to patients.


  • There is a lot of manual labor needed when migrating from another system.

Our Two Bits About CounSol Software

Every counselor is unique, and each practice has its own set of requirements. As a result, provides you more control over your practice management than any other software on the market. In addition, almost every element on can be tailored to your specific requirements.

We also suggest reading CounSol reviews online to get a clear image of the program before buying it. The reviews give you an insight into all the softwares’ benefits and drawbacks from a current users’ perspective.



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