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Quick Tips To Give A New Look To Your 1BHK House

Do you find it difficult to fit all of your belongings into a one-bedroom apartment? How can you create a sleek, yet functional 1 BHK flat on rent in Delhi, even if you can fit everything in? Clever space planning is the answer. You can have a smart environment like these homeowners with only a few versatile pieces and certain design must-haves.

Individuals who own one-bedroom apartments will be unable to benefit from these services. Instead, these amenities are located in a clubhouse and are available to the public.

It’s tough and time-consuming to decorate a one-bedroom apartment. You may, however, bring out the best in your flat by decorating it with a little taste. To give your flat a vibrant and cheerful appearance, simply follow basic, realistic, and practical décor suggestions.

Pick A Colour Scheme That Isn’t Too Bright Or Too Dark.

A little paint may go a long way toward making a one-bedroom apartment feel larger. Begin with a soft palette of traditional whites, neutral tans, and greys, and reserve the stronger hues for accent walls. Rich blue, for example, might evoke regality, while green tones reflect natural light, making your area feel cozier and more open. The blend of neutrals and strong flashes of color gives your house a gentle and clean atmosphere, making it seem clean and new.

Make Storage More Efficient.

A creative 1 BHK flat design maximizes storage to make the most of the available space. Install a hallway storage bench, or utilize poufs and sofas that may be used as covered bins. Installing a small TV unit with possibilities to stow away your mail, paperwork, and CD collection is another method to make the most of your 1 BHK. You may also utilize the horizontal surfaces to exhibit décor or your book collection.

Choose Furniture That May Be Used For Several Purposes.

Multi-functional or wall-mounted furniture may make your one-bedroom apartment feel more open and tidy. A couch cum bed, for example, is a sleek and stylish folding furniture choice that you may roll out only when you need it. Install a murphy bed in your bedroom and a full-length shelf with a moveable ladder to take use of the walls at home. Purchase a folding dining table that can only be used when you’re sitting down to eat. This will help you save a lot of room.

Become Enamoured With Bright Colours.

There would be little rooms in a one-bedroom apartment. Darker colors would make these little spaces appear more confining. Instead, choose brighter colors such as white, black, and white, as well as pastels and lighter tones of blue and pink. It is easy to create the appearance of space at home by painting with these colors.

Light-Colored Drapes Hung From The Ceiling

Use basic stripes and patterns on your drapes. Hang lighter-colored curtains to allow natural light to shine into the home, making it appear more spacious. This is best suited to Indian households and modest apartments. Choose lengthy curtains that extend from the header to the floor. It creates the illusion of more space in your room.

Furniture Construction

Instead of cumbersome hardwood furniture, go for lighter options. For 1 BHK or 2 BHK homes in OMR, get multiple storage furniture and use it to keep your possessions. In marketplaces, there is furniture with cupboards and chests connected. Purchase an adjustable sofa to use as a bed at night. At home, this saves a lot of room. Rather of purchasing a huge sofa, choose a set of colorful bean bags. This also saves room and gives your apartment a vibrant, young appearance.

Accessories, For Example, Are Decorative Goods.

Simple and basic accessories work nicely in 1 and 2 bedroom villas in OMR. Storing all of your treasures in your apartment would make it appear more like a storage unit than a home. Rather than placing hefty picture frames on the walls, use mirrors to display the reflecting gaps. Wind chimes and bells may be used to beautify, and they also allow positive energy to enter the dwelling, according to Vastu.

Make Your Home Light And Airy.

For compact apartments, low-cost small lights are advised. Purchasing pricey lights and lamps that are hefty and take up all of your living space is not a good idea. Chinese or Moroccan lamps serve to diffuse and disperse light evenly over the space while still looking lovely. Simply light candles with a pleasant scent or hand-painted diyas for a modest party at home to brighten the occasion.


Follow these tips and your 1bhk can turn out to look like a lavish place in the best manner. Try out these quick ideas and your one BHK flat for rent in Delhi and you can add a charm to your interiors.



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