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Rise of STDs in Canada: Some Chilling Facts

It is still a rather taboo subject — or at least, an uncomfortable one — but we have to talk about it. Words like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis are generally not talked out of a clinic or sex ed classes. But that has to change as we see a slowly but surely building up of STDs in Canada.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI) like those we mentioned above are steadily on the rise, according to a report based on the data gathered from various points like clinics for STD testing in Montreal. What’s more, the data shows that this has been the case ever since 2003.

The reason, apparently, is the reluctance of Canadian men in not using condoms any more. And the female condom is, as in most countries, not that popular. Therefore the number of unprotected sex is growing — an with it, as a natural result, the number os STIs.

It is unclear as to why the Canadian male is so unwilling to use condoms. It can be a direct result of porn, yes, but even the porn industry had a serious bout of condom usage. According to some, the actual push may be coming from women unwilling to have sex with a condom. But all that is hearsay — there is no data on this.

Meanwhile, the good thing is that even though STI detections in clinics for STD testing in Montreal are rising, the number of new cases of AIDS and HIV infection are dropping, according to the same survey. But the rate of infections for other sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea is slowly but steadily on the rise.

One of the reasons why unprotected sex is so infectious is because of the nature of the diseases. Most of them are caused by bacteria, and you can have the same such disease multiple times. Unlike with viruses, your blood does not learn to fight bacteria.

Meanwhile, the following are some facts difficult to digest about STI in Canada.

  • The young people seem to be the most vulnerable to STDs in Canada. Boys in their twenties and girls in their teens are the most detected cases in STD testing in Montreal.
  • The most common and reported case of STI in Canada is chlamydia. It follows the same pattern as stated adobe, men in their twenties and teenage girls.
  • Shockingly, gonorrhea has spiked up about 90% in just a decade. Around 60% of gonorrhea cases are men. Tweenagers, again, are the most common victims.
  • HPV is the second most common issue, also called the genital warts. About 70% of people have them at least once, and young people most of the time.
  • Drug users got hit by a 20% rise in HIV infection between 2000 and 2004. It is also more common among homosexual men, and sadly, in underage girls.
  • Syphilis is also another STI that affects homosexual males the most. It has been steadily growing among men in their thirties, and sex workers.
  • Hepatitis B is, curiously, another STI though it isn’t directly related to genital organs. Men are twice more affected with acute Hepatitis B, in their thirties. Though it can also spread with general household contact, sex workers and men who regularly take their services are the most affected.

There is a pattern here we can easily see — most of the infections are coming from and going around the young people. Quite obviously, this is due to a lack of proper sex education. If you are a caring parent, it is your duty to talk your teenage children about the risks of unprotected sex. And if you feel that you may have been exposed or feel any discomfort, get to a clinic for STD testing in Montreal at once and get tested.

Make no mistake, STDs are not only embarrassing, they are killers. STIs are very painful, and cause no end of nonsense with your genitalia, and once it gets into your blood you have very little chance of opening your eyes again. Do not take this lightly — literally, your life depends upon a condom.



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