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Sea Freight in Oman by Al Nowras Logistics Solution

Sea freight in Oman offers an economical method for transporting your goods. It is ideal for larger and unique-shaped items. However, be mindful that shipping by sea takes more time.

Maersk Line, APM Terminals-managed Port of Salalah and Oman Airports Management Company have collaborated to offer the world’s first sea-air solution via Oman for cargo travelling between Colombo, Sri Lanka and Cairo, Egypt. This intermodal collaboration could reduce transit times by as much as 40%.


Sea freight can be an efficient, cost-effective solution for shipping large quantities over long distances, while also eliminating fuel costs associated with air freight transport. But due to fluctuating seasonal and destination-specific costs, it is crucial that you compare all your options before making a final decision.

Logistics can be daunting when moving your business or importing products from abroad. Therefore, finding an experienced partner to oversee all your supply chain processes is essential for finding peace of mind in international trade deals.

Freight forwarders provide businesses with smart supply chain management and personalized service, connecting you to global markets. Their network of quality agents, strategic alliances, and renowned carriers allows them to handle every step of your supply chain process from procurement through delivery by air, sea or land transport.

They are an established logistics solution provider offering customs clearance, air freight and sea freight services in Oman and GCC countries. Thanks to years of experience they have earned their place amongst the region’s most dependable logistics firms with dedicated customer support teams and competitive rates that set them apart from the competition – they can assist with project cargo or break bulk shipment requirements too!


Shipping international cargo doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. With the assistance of an expert freight service provider like Freight Links LLC, shipping international cargo becomes simpler. They specialize in air and sea freight shipping services as well as customs brokerage, warehousing, and freight forwarding solutions to make shipping a smooth experience.

Sea freight offers an economical method of shipping large volumes over longer distances, whether full containers are necessary, or sharing one with other companies can reduce costs significantly. They offer RORO shipping and dry bulk services specifically tailored for more specific items as well as having an expansive network of partners around the world to offer their services worldwide.

Al Nowras Logistics was established in 2007, and since then has become a top and prominent logistics firm specializing in custom clearance and shipping goods between GCC countries. They maintain an expansive fleet of trucks to suit every customer need – flatbed, lowbed, long deck triple axle and air suspension trucks are just some of the options they have at their disposal – as well as a dedicated warehousing team to manage imports/exports as well as door to door/rail freight freight options at unbeatably competitive rates.


Al Nowras Logistics Solution stands out as an exceptional ocean freight shipping company, boasting both local and global presence with competitive quotes and exceptional customer service. Their dedicated account managers offer 24 hour support in finding you solutions tailored specifically to you and your cargo requirements.

Ocean freight shipping offers customers both economic and environmental benefits. Ships have lower carbon footprints than airplanes, making them the superior option for companies committed to sustainability. But for all its advantages to be realized effectively, you need an effective supply chain system in place.

Oman’s strategic location on the Strait of Hormuz and deep-water ports have driven recent infrastructure expansion. Oman is seeking foreign investment and expertise for projects such as Duqm’s new Special Economic Zone designed to attract downstream manufacturing firms, and investing in PPP models for port development at Duqm, Khasab and Shinas.

APM Terminals has joined forces with Oman Drydock to offer an integrated sea-air logistics solution, which reduces transit times by 20-40% compared to traditional east-west trade routes, and yields cost savings of 10-20% versus pure air freight solutions. This pioneering approach helps unlock tomorrow’s potential now by offering customers seamless supply chain experiences today.


No matter whether you are shipping household goods or moving overseas, the aim is always for everything to arrive intact at their final destination. There are various measures you can take to make your shipment as secure as possible – from customs clearance and containerization procedures to safeguarding products against potential loss.

One of the key elements to ensure a safe delivery is choosing an appropriate packaging method. An ideal option would be a sea freight cargo container equipped with locks and a certificate of origin – both features that ensure your products have not been altered during transit – in addition to being designed to hold different sizes and weights of items.

Air freight has quickly become one of the more sought-after solutions, due to its speed and reliability compared with ocean freight’s slow pace. When choosing this method of delivery, be sure to review security measures of an airline before choosing them as your provider.

Oman boasts a growing air cargo market due to its central location and well-developed infrastructure. Muscat International Airport serves as the main cargo handling facility within Oman; additionally it acts as a hub for flights bound for key markets around the world.

Oman has invested heavily in its ports and railways. Salalah Port, situated southwest Oman along the Arabian Sea, is its primary container port. Additionally, Oman’s government is working towards attracting private sector investment into their infrastructure projects; such as developing four terminals at Duqm port for containers and general cargo as well as turning Port Sultan Qaboos into a waterfront cruise and leisure destination using PPP models.



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