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SEO Tips You Can Use Today For More Traffic

Website traffic is the foremost requirement for any business to survive. It is the input of the marketing funnel. Rich inputs will lead to high output, more conversions, and revenue generation.

Further, the first page of SERPs is the storehouse of traffic. Why? It is because most people don’t go beyond the first page to look for search results. How can you come under the search engine’s spotlight? SEO will lead your way.

Without any delay, we’ll cover SEO tips to attract more traffic:

Give Priority To Enhance User Experience.

Google recently updated the core web vitals value to give an enhanced user experience. The ideology behind these factors is website speed. Do you know bounce rate increases by 40% when a website takes more than three seconds to load? Check out all the factors that might be slowing down your website:

  • HD images: Compress the size of the images to improve the loading speed of the website.
  • Server: Sometimes server can’t take the load of extra users. It can’t provide the data as in demand. So, it is better to change the server plan to give a boost to your website speed.
  • Redirects: Fix any unnecessary redirects to unnecessary or irrelevant pages.

Polish Your High Converting Pages

There could be some web pages that are rockstars of your website. But, with time, their relevance can decrease. It becomes essential to polish these web pages.

As stagnant water stinks, the same is the case for untouched pages. So, what to do? Keep the content of these pages updated and fresh. One thing is just doing the minor changes.

But, the point that counts for search engines is changing the major portion of the web page. Then, search engines index them at a higher position. You can add

  • Details
  • Graphs or Statistics
  • Infographics or illustrations
  • Answer recent queries in the market
  • Quotes

Or anything that adds value for the readers.

Also, you can take the help of SEO company India to give a fresh approach to your pages or optimize them.

Videos Are Becoming The New Normal.

Do you know videos can give an immediate boost to your SEO? With internet speed increasing, video watching hours are increasing dramatically throughout the world. The best part of videos is that it gives concise information in less time.

Furthermore, it involves all the senses of organs; user engagement reaches the next level. It combines audio, written content, music, body language, animations, or any other media. So, SEO is incomplete without a video nowadays. You can use it:

  • Design advertisements for social media.
  • Make “How To” videos.
  • Company story-based video.

Target Zero-Click Results

Zero-click results are increasingly becoming popular. People put the queries on the search console. They find the information from the meta description, schema markup rich information, featured snippets, or the “People Also Ask” section. It is better to make these areas so appealing and curious that users are compelled to click on your website.

Build Quality Backlink Profile

The relevance of backlinks is not going to fade away even in the upcoming years. Backlinks are the popular votes from other websites. Search engines govern the website rankings by checking

the status of the backlinks. How to make a strong backlink profile? 

Local Listings

Mention the basic information about your website and business in local listings. You can add your name, address, and phone number to these websites. Users looking for products and services in your industry can find you through these websites.

Google Profile

Additionally, you can add photos to Google My Business listings. Make sure that you get positive reviews on Google reviews and other review listings. Otherwise, it could hamper your reputation and rankings.

Design Evergreen Customer-Oriented Content

Do you know that Google makes 500-600 times in a year? Search engines move many steps ahead of websites, just targeting algorithms. How can you survive in such a scenario? Evergreen content will help you maintain rankings of the website for a long. And search engines can sniff the websites that design content for search engines, not users.

How to design customer-oriented content?

  • Check what the user intent behind putting a query is. It could be a brand-based query, looking at buying details, searching more about the product, or comparing similar products.
  • You can optimize the website for voice search. Voice searches are ruling the internet. So, you can use place-specific landmarks, slang, queries, or conversational language in your content.


Finally, SEO is the heartbeat of the website to improve its traffic volume. Traffic is in direct relation with website and at which position search engines index your website. You can:

  1. Consistently audit your website to track the present status of traffic and check how to improve.
  2. Design user-friendly URL structure and user-oriented meta description.
  3. Build links get benefits of link juice from high-authority websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement the SEO tips mentioned above to see how it works and improvise your SEO in the process.



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