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Some Perfect Alternatives of Hamachi for Virtual LAN Gaming

Hamachi is the popular alternative for LAN parties and this is how has built a cult following. Then why will a safe Hamachi alternative come into being? Hamachi might have several defects. The most notable one is that Free VPN service will receive only five connections from the consumer at once. People have been moaning about server lags and the efficiency of the platforms. Hamachi is not the perfect Hamachi substitute.

Perfect Some Alternatives of Hamachi



We have one of the better free LAN gaming Hamachi alternatives. While providing less features than other alternatives, the quality of reliability and consistency in Game Ranger is unprecedented. Game Ranger does not use different drivers as for simulated LAN gaming but achieves same internally by utilizing its client. The additional benefits of this VPN include low pings and high security.

However, Game Ranger is only necessary for the selection of games that it supports. This is since much of the support needs to be applied to the Game Ranger client. If your game is sponsored and you are searching for a user-friendly solution, Game Ranger is the best Hamachi alternative you can use.

Net Over Net

Net Over Net may be used as a basic VPN for private games. With this simple but effective protocol, you can conveniently access the internet from various devices all over your house. Each consumer is issued a registered name and password to enter a computer.

Net Over Net helps an individual to control others’ systems that are a part of a VPN. You just get 16 total clients on the advanced payment package. It does not function for public hosting but works really well for LAN Gaming sessions that are private.



If you do not want to add unwanted bloatware into your device, Wippien is your best option. The app is simple to use and saves a 2 MB transfer. The software is completely free, and even open source.

Wippien uses wod-VPN for P2P connections to build a VPN for the clients. However, there is a restriction that it may only function for Gmail accounts, and it does not allow any email providers for registration. This is one of the better alternatives to Hamachi because not only is it portable, but it is also stable.

Free Lan


In Free LAN, you may build your own VPN. It is open source and can be configured in several various topologies, such as client-server, peer-to-peer, or hybrid.

You can change something as long as the language doesn’t change but the app features no user interface. You have to manually customize the Free LAN configuration file. The crowd behind this project is really involved, so you still have mates. This ensures a fast and lag-free game environment and there are no sudden ping spikes.

Zero Tier One

Zero Tier one

This Zero Tier application permits you to build site controls and manage them. Another way you can use cyberspace is having a virtual private network. It identifies ways between devices when they are in the same building or across the globe, and it rediscovers different means as the physical positions of the devices alter.

Zero Tier doesn’t have a single point of weakness. The streams of information especially from gadgets to gadgets at any feasible point for proficiency, expense, protection, and enhancement of flexibility.

Soft Ether VPN

Soft Ether VPN is the strongest kind of VPN program for holding interactive gaming sessions. Soft Ether VPN is open-source, multi-protocol, cross-platform VPN client and VPN server applications. These forms of tunneling protocols are offered in a single VPN server.

Soft Ether VPN is accessible for Windows, Mac, Debian, Solaris, and FreeBSD. NAT traversal support is introduced. Network efficiency is enhanced when Ethernet multi-cast is used rather than time division multiplexing. This help to reduce latency usually correlated with VPN links and improve bandwidth.

Neo Router


Neo Router is a VPN server that allows you power of your own public or private VPN servers. With Hola Unblocker Proxy, you will overcome blocked websites and secure your computers online.

Neo Router embraces various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Debian, FreeBSD, Android, and changes firmware. It uses the same coding as that used by banks. Trust the interchanges with 256-piece SSL encryption, over the free and private networks.



You may set up your own personal VPN service using Dyn VPN. At the Dyn VPN, a dashboard shows my private programs. A private device is a system of hubs that are connected by a set of mutual encryption networks. NAT and firewall compatible, Dyn VPN can be enabled without the need for any fundamental modifications to your machine.

Ultra VPN


Ultra VPN is an OpenVPN client/server SSL VPN solution. An encrypted proxy encrypts and masks the domain from unauthorized visitors and permits you to use blocked apps. The GUI of the program is so easy and easy that you can connect with VPN simply by supplying client and address. It is lightweight program, although its bandwidth quota is infinite.

Open VPN


OpenVPN has the strongest internal protection which is why it is favored alternative to Hamachi. You cannot play games with Open VPN. IPX and UDP are important components for playing multi-player games. Using the back-up mode to get the PCs running. This method can be used for multi-player gamers to ask for user details and obtain entry over the private network without being questioned for password.



Remobo establishes a private network for users immediately. It is extremely close to a chat software and it is extremely simple to add and delete contacts. Even a beginner is able to use it without trouble. Online gaming helps you to play in a safer and more proficient way. The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act operates without any setup.

One has to register their account when they first start using this method. You may have an account by performing a specific procedure. As a registered customer, you can get an awesome multi-player LAN gaming experience.

Shrew Soft VPN Client

Gives you alternatives for Hamachi, despite being lightweight. Kee Vision VPN comes with advanced features, such as split tunneling, split DNS, NAT traversal, IKE fragmentation, packet fragmentation, dead peer identification, hybrid XAuth and automatic client setup.

In short, it is a true VPN service provider that allows usage to connect to a remote server. However, if you still have VPN server from another provider, then Hamachi would certainly function.

Comodo Unite


Comodo Unite (free) is a suite of protection tools that helps you to build a private network for a community of workstations. Users may build private networks for their family and work purposes. They can also connect by utilizing the Internet and numerous instant messaging services.

People need to register to Comodo safe servers before they can build virtual networks on the run. All transactions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption.


We hope that you find these Hamachi alternatives convenient and more fun. While there are various remote-control systems such as Hamachi, we wanted to cover the most reliable ones.



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