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The 6 Best Beaches in Florida, United States

See which are the 6 best beaches in Florida. Surrender yourself to the charms of the beautiful and paradisiacal beaches of this destination that has attracted travelers from all over the world.

Florida, one of several states in the United States, has become one of the top tourist destinations for travelers around the world.

After all, it is possible to visit theme parks, shopping malls and outlets, in addition to visiting beautiful beaches – totally paradise.

We have separated some of the best beaches in Florida for you who want to travel to the United States. Let Book a trendy limo service Orlando FL for your family tour.

Find out which are the best Florida beaches in the United States

1 – Cocoa Beach

One of the best beaches in Florida for those who love surfing, Cocoa Beach is just over 10 km long.

The sand is not so white and, because of that, the sea becomes a darker tone.

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The waters are very clean and with waves for surfers, however, there are stretches where the water is calm – suitable for bathers.

It is worth visiting the pier with restaurants, parks with restrooms and even the boardwalk, close to the beach.

2 – Palm Beach

Palm Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Florida and one of the best known worldwide.

This is due to the waterfronts full of large and wonderful houses, hotels and exquisite resorts.

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The island is about 25 km long, and is known as the “winter home of millionaires” by the Rockefeller and Kennedy families.

3 – Hollywood Beach, Miami

Located in the northern area of ​​Miami, Hollywood Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida, with white sand and crystal clear water.

  • It’s the perfect place to relax as there’s not much movement on the shore,
  • With a boardwalk suitable for the practice of sports and walks by the sea.
  • The beach is the favorite of the famous, with celebrities occupying the same space as tourists.
  • Hollywood Beach is a 40-minute drive from Miami Beach.
  • There are showers on the beach, excellent for those who want to spend all day enjoying the sea.

4 – Daytona Beach

No one has ever heard of Daytona Beach, as it is one of Florida’s most popular beaches. There are approximately 40 km of coastline, with more and less agitated points than others. Daytona Beach’s nightlife is lively, with frequent visits during school breaks.

The beach is famous for its race track, the Daytona International Speedway, and is extremely suitable for those who love a place with parties and diversity in terms of entertainment.

5 – Key West

Key West is one of the best beaches in Florida for tourists looking to rent scuba gear or simply relax amidst calm waters.

It is also a beach with bike paths, suitable for walks in the late afternoon, and has options for those who want to go kayaking.

Key West is an idyllic beach, extremely beautiful and with secluded spots – perfect for chatting with friends and having a picnic.

6 – South Beach

South Beach is, without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Florida for those who love a bit of action. After all, the beach is full of nightclubs, clubs, famous restaurants and entertainment venues.

The beach is located in the heart of Miami Beach, and delivers what it promises when it comes to “water quality”. The sea is calm, clean and the sands are white – with a very long strip of sand, in fact. Be sure to watch the sunset, lying down on the grass at Lummus Park Beach, right on the beachfront.





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