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The Increasing Hype About Vapes!

Suppose you live in Australia and are not surprised by the increasing vape trends! Then I was surprised.

About 11% of the population of Australia is currently indulged in vaping. This also includes children who have just turned 14 and above.

According to the new laws and health ministry concerns, no one below 18 will be allowed to go anywhere near the nicotine vapes or hookah.

With more restrictions, the youth is getting more attracted to such practices. One fails to understand that each fun thing can be done healthily too!

Vape stores in Brisbane sell non-nicotine vapes and their juices. If kids are hell-bent on doing things like drugs or anything else for sedation, then that has to be looked after!

The Emergence Of Vapes Among Youth

So initially, the concept of vaping and E-Cigarettes was introduced to help adults trying to quit smoking.

Smoking is any day more harmful than E-Products. However, the trend backfired and got popularized among the young audience.

Most of the high school kids and young adults started to engage in smoking e-cigarettes. They loved how a single puff could produce much smoke.

Even when talking about hookah, setting it up required quite a little time. Tobacco was mixed in hookah’s flavours, making it difficult for students under 18 to buy.

Talking about vaping, it wasn’t always harmful. It is electronically charged, and one could use non-nicotine flavours to smoke it if they just like the smoky effect. The amount of smoke released by vaping was much more than in cigarettes or hookahs. This was one of the biggest USPs that everyone loved.

Although things seemed to change quickly, to enjoy vaping in more ways, people started to purchase vape fluids and flavours that had tobacco or nicotine. It made them feel tired and drunk. Millions of people got under its influence, enjoying the new trend of vapes that were easy to use and almost had no extra preparation time.

Current Scenario

Well, like said earlier, the trends show that the craze of vape is still increasing. Cities like Brisbane, which offer one of the best quality vapes, are now accessed for their supplies.

According to the government’s concerns, young kids can no longer buy vapes from stores directly. Hence the fashion of online vape stores in Brisbane is increasing.

Some Things To Remember

  • Make sure that you are not buying vape locally. Especially if you are new to vaping, then look for the stores that explain the benefits and drawbacks of the product and help you find the right kind and flavour that suits you!
  • Avoid getting vape liquids from friends and family, do some research, and only smoke what you can credibly get.
  • If you are a person who is trying to quit smoking, then vaping is best for you. Leaving an addiction can get complicated and brutal for one’s body/. Vaping is any day less harmful than tobacco filled cigarettes. Frequent practice of vaping will protect your lungs from the hardcore smoke that you earlier inhaled.
  • You can be more relaxed now. Unlike cigarettes and other smokable substances, vaping doesn’t leave an odour on you or your clothes. You can enjoy it and later get back to your work.
  • You do not need someone to teach you. Beware of people who might come along by saying that they can help you learn how to vape.

Vaping is made while considering that people of all ages can easily do it. You do not need any particular guidance or help to do it. By following simple instructions on getting your vape started, you are good to go!



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