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Tips for wedding gown storage after the wedding day

What happens to the flowing white wedding gown once its purpose is over? It is the perfect symbol of the best day of your life. But what happens when all pictures have been clicked and the tears of joy have been shed? Well, taking proper care of the wedding gown would help it stay pristine and beautiful for years to come. Perhaps, if stored properly, it can be worn by another blushing bride one day – perhaps your daughter or granddaughter! This is where professional wedding gown preservation services shine.

Understanding gown fabric and cleaning care is necessary

Wedding gowns are usually made up of sensitive fabrics and designer embellishments. Some feature lace, taffeta, satin, sequins, beads, and rhinestones, while others feature a combination of many of these. However, such fabrics and trims, when exposed to direct sunlight, or left in a hot and damp space, or simply left unchecked, may lead to problems. The fragile mix of colors and various delicate fabrics, can lead to the yellowing of the gown. Proper preservation and storage minimize the threat.

There is more to wedding gown preservation than what meets the eye. Beware of invisible stains from body oil, food, and beverages. If the stains aren’t cleaned thoroughly, they’d leave long-lasting blemishes – ones that may become permanent in the long run. This is why we always recommend professional wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Guide to wedding gown storage

Wedding gowns are generally cleaned thoroughly and then stored. If you want your gown to stay the same even years later, you would have to rely on professional storage or preservation. Professional storage prevents the gown from damage and helps maintain its original appearance. The preservation process slows down the aging process of the gown thus heightening its lifespan. Be sure to have the gown cleaned to prevent the setting of stains. As for the preservation or storage packaging, it can be done in two main ways.

  • Hanger and bag: In this, the gown is cleaned and stored on a hanger. Sometimes special straps are attached on the insides of the gown – to the waistline. This helps relieve pressure off the shoulders of the gown, which is generally made of a lighter fabric. You can even use a protective white cotton sheet or muslin for extra protection.
  • Box and tissue paper: This is clearly the more widely used preservation or storage process. As the name implies, upon careful cleaning, the gown is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packed in a box. Sometimes, the box has a window – particularly suited for brides who prefer keeping an eye on the condition of the gown even when it is in professional preservation.

Wedding gown storage tips for young brides

  • The first tip for wedding gown preservation is to store the wedding gown in a cool, dark place, where there’s no moisture. Places such as under the bed or at the top shelf where the box wouldn’t be disturbed, are two notable places for gown safekeeping. Dampness may lead to the growth of mildew and hasten fabric yellowing.
  • Never store shoes, veils, or other wedding gown accessories with the gown when in storage.
  • Inspect your gown from time to time, without taking it out of the box. Stains and blemishes that were once invisible may show up later, if left unattended. Do not use polyurethane bags for long-term storage of delicate garments such as wedding gowns. These bags are usually made up of materials that lead to fabric damage in the long run.

The value of such a cherished possession can never be overestimated, and thus, for a long-term and effective care, contact a reliable and professional wedding gown cleaning and preservation service – one that has the requisite experience in handling such delicate gowns and can offer a cost-effective solution that actually works. Find a service that offers guarantee and satisfaction.



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