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Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Gurgaon

Good education is an integral component in children’s developmental journey, so parents seek out top-tier preschools for their child to receive quality learning experiences.

Considering this, there is an increasing demand for preschool franchises in Gurgaon, many new entrepreneurs are looking for franchises that offer them profitability as well as complete peace of mind.

Choosing the best one from the available options in the market can be a big headache.

Don’t worry we have done all the hard work for you. We have sorted 5 best preschool franchises available in the market based on ease of set up, post sales support, profitability, features, curriculum etc.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare franchise opportunity provides educators with a passion for making a difference in children’s lives with everything they need to ensure success – including a comprehensive support system and proven business model.

This franchise provides children with a safe and nurturing environment in which to flourish physically, emotionally and socially while emphasizing play-based learning experiences and exploration. Their innovative curriculum and commitment to holistic development has earned them an outstanding reputation within the preschool industry – offering investors great potential returns! As this brand expands nationwide there’s also great investment potential available!

Franchisees of Footprints will undergo intensive training to become familiar with our ethos and curriculum, marketing services and operational guidance to ensure success. In addition, assistance with property identification and setup will allow them to open their preschool quickly and efficiently.

Little Millenium Preschool

Investment in a preschool franchise can be an attractive business venture for entrepreneurs with an enthusiasm for education. As India prioritizes early childhood education, childcare and preschool services are in high demand; Little Millennium Preschool franchise is among the leaders in this industry and offers educational programs suitable for all ages of children. Before making your decision about this franchise however, it is wise to investigate its various advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Little Millenium Preschool franchise’s core philosophy is to empower, energise and enrich children’s lives. Each preschool offers an environment rich in culture as well as teaching them social etiquette and values so that each child may reach his or her full potential and become lifelong learners.

Educomp, India’s premier education company, supports this franchise with expertise. Their signature Seven Petal curriculum and holistic learning approach encourage the holistic development of children backed by scientific research – contributing to one of India’s fastest-growing preschool chains.

For Little Millenium Preschool franchise, several requirements must be fulfilled in order to qualify. Of primary importance is finding an accessible location, adhering to local zoning laws, and acquiring all required permits. Furthermore, franchisor will provide training to you and your staff as well as marketing support in order to build up enrollment quickly – these benefits make Little Millenium Preschool franchise an excellent option for any aspiring entrepreneur! Best wishes with your success!


Education is an integral component of every child’s life. Beginning the learning process early will ensure that children remain eager and enthusiastic about school throughout their lives, helping them become successful adults later. Playschools such as Shemrock and Eurokids in Gurgaon offer excellent teaching programs while boasting multiple awards for franchising programs that make education fun!

Eurokids has over 350 cities and three countries covered, making them India’s leading preschool chain. Their EUNOIA curriculum helps children develop holistically in a homelike setting while the Home Buddy App enables parents to monitor their child’s learning from any location worldwide.

Educational franchises feature low investment requirements and offer great returns. Franchisees of educational franchises enjoy support and guidance from experienced educators, entrepreneurs, and franchise experts, with exclusive territorial rights granted and guaranteed performance by the parent company.

This brand focuses on serving children and their families, with staff dedicated to providing top-tier service. Their facilities are tailored to encourage creativity and independence while teachers seek to unlock each child’s potential. Situated in DLF Phase 3, their school provides an immersive and engaging educational experience for students of all ages while their educators focus on helping children develop socially and emotionally as well as offering sports and arts activities to stimulate physical growth.

Bachpan Play School

Brain development occurs most rapidly during the first five years of life, when foundations for learning, health and behavior are laid. Therefore, play schools provide essential educational services which focus on socializing children while developing cognitive abilities in safe environments with excellent learning experiences for children.

Bachpan is one of India’s premier play school chains, boasting 1100+ play schools across India. Their unique curriculum organizes learning methodically and imaginatively for their students as well as extracurricular activities designed to foster cognitive development and build self-confidence. Furthermore, Bachpan does not place too much stress on exams but instead focusses on experiential learning through innovative technologies and engaging activities.

Shemrock Preschool in India is an esteemed preschool chain operated by Dr D R Arora and Mrs Bimla Arora, husband-wife academicians who combine to offer holistic education. The school prides itself on child-friendly surroundings with friendly staff members as well as offering an in-depth curriculum that emphasizes social etiquette and communication capabilities of its pupils. It offers extracurricular activities designed to strengthen these qualities further.

Shemrock Preschool Franchise offers an affordable option for those looking to open a preschool franchise with minimal capital outlay. Furthermore, its cash-based model requires minimal inventory costs, making startup costs low and return periods fast. Furthermore, no technical qualifications or prior business experience is needed; all that’s necessary for opening one up is knowing what your investment limits are before beginning any such endeavor.


Indian parents increasingly prioritize education as a priority among themselves and thus demand is growing for premium preschools and daycare centers. Unfortunately, opening one requires substantial financial investment but franchising is an excellent and profitable way into the education sector.

Footprints Educational School in Gurgaon stands out as one of the leading educational brands, providing children from kindergarten to grade 5 an unparalleled learning experience. Following Montessori methods and emphasizing holistic development, Footprints also offers extensive teacher and staff training so as to achieve optimal outcomes for its children. Furthermore, its safety policy and audit schedule ensure compliance with government regulations.

Kidzee is an established leader in ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education). Operating nationwide as India’s largest preschool chain with more than 1900+ centers located across 550+ cities across India and having made an impactful difference to over 40,00,000 children’s lives; its primary aim being nurturing each child’s ‘unique potential’.

Kidzee stands out as an attractive preschool franchise option in India due to its strong brand recognition, outstanding infrastructure, and proven business model. Offering award-winning curriculum in addition to career guidance, counselling, and psychological support for its students makes Kidzee an appealing investment choice; its distinctive approach ensures children receive top quality care while its strong business model guarantees high returns on investments for franchisees.



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