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Top Benefits and Uses of Plastic Key Tags

When considering promotional products for your business, key tags are an option worth mentioning. High quality, high impact and low cost, key tags are the ideal way to keep your brand in contact with customers. In fact, they will carry it with them.

In this digital world, more and more people keep their wallets at home, but of course they carry their keys with them. This gives businesses a unique opportunity to land a host of free branding opportunities.

One of the biggest benefits of using plastic key tags is that they won’t be used for just one thing. They can achieve many different purposes. From enhancing the customer experience to promoting business development, plastic key tags can do it all.

Membership Key Tags

can now cut down on the countless hours spent collecting consumer research. Instead of creating a customer case study, use your membership key tag to collect customer data. With the information at your fingertips, you can get to know your customers in seconds. This saves you the hassle of extra work and gives you more time to focus on strengthening the relationship. Add a barcode or QR code to your membership key tag for more efficient and convenient data collection. With just a one click scan, all your customer information will appear on your screen. Their account information, what they bought or the various promotions they interacted with. Having the data available for analysis can make it easier for you to understand your customer trends!

Use data from the membership program to adjust pricing, prepare staff, and improve the customer experience. Being able to tailor it to your customers goes a long way in creating loyal customers and help your business grow and reach new heights.

Secure Access Pass

Maintaining a safe workplace can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Due to limited options and high prices, many small businesses simply cannot afford access control systems. Fortunately, plastic key tags can get the job done for a fraction of the price. Many organizations need secure access, and need to restrict access to their facilities and monitor who enters their facilities. As it happens, your key tag can help you maintain a safe and ef ficient workplace. For many companies, the key tag is the solution to a costly problem: monitoring who enters their factories. All you need is software and a barcode scanner. Simply place one of your employees near the entrance and help each customer register.

Loyalty and Rewards Key Tags

Be it coupons, discounts or other offers customers need to be rewarded! A simple rewards program can help you improve your customers’ shopping days and shopping experience. Simply add a barcode or QR code to your key tag and you can assign rewards to customers. Save money by maintaining customer loyalty. Loyalty and Reward Key Tags are an easy way to help you retain and grow your customer base. By showing your customers that you value their business, you can create a great shopping experience. Give them a reason to choose you over your competitors.

Gift Cards

Providing gift cards is almost essential. Your customers want to be able to buy gift cards and everyone wants them because they are the perfect gift. In addition to providing exquisite gifts, they also provide tremendous business opportunities for the companies that sell them. Each gift card will promote your business and attract new customers.

If you don’t have enough funds to purchase a full-size card, the key tag is a good option. Compared to full-size gift cards, the smaller size of the key tag offers a more economical option. While maintaining a professional design, you can also capture your corporate image.

Thus, plastic key tags are versatile and can be used for several purposes. As discussed above, there are a number of different customization options available and you can find out newer uses of these cards. Just go through the uses discussed and use it as an inspiration to use your key tags in the way you want.



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