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Types of Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl has several types depending on the characteristic of the material, the response of the vinyl to heat, and the design of the surface of the vinyl. For business owners and crafters like you, you must first evaluate your needs and decide on the type of Heat Transfer Vinyl to use for your projects. Once you picked the design that you then should use, you can buy wholesale vinyl to save money and not be limited with the number of vinyl that you have on hand.

What is a Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Before discussing the types of heat transfer vinyl, you must first understand what it is. Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV is a material that is usually sold in rolls. It looks like a film and is applied to any soft goods using heat and pressure, as the name implies. Depending on the material of the fabric, the Heat Transfer Vinyl undergoes specific processes so that it sticks to the garment or any product which needs designing or covering.

What are the Types of Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl is the most common type of vinyl that you can purchase in a store or online. It is characterized by the type of fabrics that it can be used on. Standard HTV is often partnered with either cotton or polyester. Some standard types also attach to leather.

Stretchable Heat Transfer Vinyl

This type of vinyl is great for fabrics that are shaped irregularly. The vinyl on this type is stretchable which allows it to mold to the shape of the soft goods. This type can be thinner than the standard vinyl for some companies. It is also more lightweight compared to other types.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you want to glam up your fabric, you should use glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. With this type, it is best to purchase wholesale vinyl because it can be quite tricky to get the same design from other companies. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl has a lot of varieties. They are distinct from each other based on the texture, design, smoothness, and stretchability of the material.

Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

For those crafters who want to have a suede design on their fabric, you might want to look at the Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl. The benefit of this type of HTV is that it can be layered depending on your creativity. It is also available in different colors. Because of the texture of the suede, it gives the vinyl a more raised look compared to other Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Some designs require crafters to use a metal finish to their vinyl. Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl looks like a shiny and silvery sheen. This type of vinyl can also be layered. Metallic HTVs are very durable. Its surface does not lose its luster even after numerous uses.

Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you want shine on the vinyl, you may also want to look at the glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl. This gives attention to the design. It matches well with various fibers like cotton and polyester.

Heat Transfer Vinyl


Heat Transfer Vinyl is an excellent product that is very flexible in terms of its use and application. They may be simple in design but the ways on how to use them seem endless. As heat allows the vinyl to stick to the material without damaging the fabric or surface, you can be sure that this applies to your needs. Crafters should buy wholesale vinyl in order to save money while, at the same time, getting more creative in the designs that they make either for their own consumption or for business.



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