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Ways Tutors Can Improve Themselves Professionally

Online teacher professional development is a big achievement these days due to which teachers are performing their jobs in a more efficient way as well as turning simple students and normal employees into real time professionals. Online education is an ocean which is providing a nectar of normal and professional education free of cost to everyone whoever wants to change his/her life. Even school/college managements are opting for tools like LMS and ERP to make their work easy. Different kinds of teachers have different kinds of needs according to the school or colleges they teach. If properly arranged there is so much knowledge and information which can give an edge to the professional needs of teachers. Such as earlier teachers were worried that if due to some reason, they could not reach the school or college then students waiting for his lecture are going to miss a day of lecture and his hard work for that to teach the students will go in vain

Online education has aided professional development of not only teachers but other professionals also. Online programs available if customized then will bring many needs to be accomplished. There are several online professional development courses for teachers which focus on student learning needs and have strategies to complete those student learning needs in a jiffy. It is just like the tools LMS and ERP which accomplish all the needs of school management. These online professional development programs for teachers are also providing them various activities which include scenarios of student learning needs and provide a deep idea to the teachers in such training that where exactly they stand in teaching and handling the physical and psychological needs of students. Curiosity is mother to inventions. Children are so curious that they keep asking questions and they have limitless queries. Children never feel embarrassed and insulted while asking questions, they never see time and place, they just find out what they want to know about. This quality of children can be learnt by teachers which can help them to enhance their knowledge and information level.

Children are innocent and hence, they never put themselves under restriction of anybody or any rules. Their imagination level is beyond the limits. Sometimes producers of animation movies conduct a survey then on the basis of imagination of children they create any animated character. Teachers should also learn to dream from children. Dreams provide motivation and motivation makes every human being make some efforts to achieve them. Then pause yourself, take a deep breath, calm down yourself and try to be a little slower so that you can complete each and every task properly and correctly. Many such practices improve the tutors professionally in a sound way which helps them grow further in their profession.

Kids do a lot of little things which have no big meanings but those little things mean a lot to them and make them happy for a while and kids value these little happy or good moments a lot whereas we elders keep on running after big moments and big achievements and lose these small happy moments. Kids can be seen watching drizzling in the rainy season sometimes very quietly, it doesn’t pay them million dollars but watching it is more valuable than a million dollars. Teachers can learn from children this art of valuing small moments and giving them time also, do little things which can make them happy like sometimes cooking for family, making students laugh being funny in class, talk to people in a jolly way so that they can enjoy your company etc. Teachers are role models to the students hence, they should practice mindfulness and try to stay calm and cool. It is very common that being very angry and impatient people develop headache often and sometimes fever and high blood pressure too. As a teacher one should take deep breaths, count 1 to 10, think about the most smiling and cute kid of the class and try to calm down yourself as much as you can. Tutors have a lot of ways to improve them professionally and the best part is they don’t have to go anywhere else for this. They can do this while teaching the students.




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