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What are Skateboard Deck Rails Made Of

Skateboards need something to hold them together otherwise they would just fall apart into pieces. Thanks to the skateboard deck rails, you don’t have to worry about this happening anytime! Whether you know it or not, skateboard decks are made of different materials. Here’s an overview of what skateboard deck rails are made of and how each material affects your ride experience.

What are Deck Rails?

Skateboards have many different components, but one of their most important parts is their deck rails. The deck is a board that’s usually made out of hardwood maple or another material that allows it to be strong and sturdy. The rails are attached to either side of a skateboard. These two pieces give balance and stability to a skateboard as well as help in maintaining grip with wheels while doing tricks. Many people don’t even realize these key components, often simply referred to as rails and they can vary based on whether they feature a flat bottom or curved concave surface. Having proper deck rails can really change how you ride your skateboard!

The Material

The material used in making Skateboard Deck Rails have changed over time, these days deck rails can be made from many different types of materials including plastic, fiberglass and metal. Usually, skateboard deck rails are thin, hard plastic strips that are present onto the bottom edges of the deck, providing good support that makes your skateboard more balanced and stable while skating on it. Although there is no specific rule as to which material should be used to make them, plastic rails are generally found on top-quality boards manufactured by big brands.

The good thing about skateboard deck rails is that they are cheap and very easy to replace whenever you want with a new one. In other words, when your skateboard deck rail wears out, you can simply unscrew it and attach a new one in its place without having to get a new complete board from scratch or throwing it away!

Do Rail Materials Affect My Riding Experience?

Common deck-rail materials include wood, fiberglass, and plastic. Each material has its own feel and characteristics, but regardless of what you choose for your deck rail, skateboarding is all about having fun. Rail materials affect performance more than they do comfort or safety, it’s more important to find a board that feels good under your feet and suits your riding style than to worry too much about which type of rails you have. Because riders learn tricks by watching other people ride and trying them out, finding a comfortable board with good-quality rails will help support whatever tricks you want to learn down the road!

Plastic vs Wood, Which is better for My Board?

If you’re new to skateboarding or need advice on which deck rail will work best for you like plastic or wood, plastic rails are great for beginners because they can take more tough time than other materials like wood. However, plastic rails do tend to get more slippery when wet, so make sure you stay dry while learning new tricks, riders who prefer not to worry about such things should stick with wooden rails instead.



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