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What Are Some Good Varieties Of Hair Extension Packaging Boxes?

Today hair extensions have become significant for most females. They use these routinely to add length and volume to natural hair. These enhance the beauty of any person. They are available in a wide variety, such as black, brown, dark brown, blonde, etc. They are also helpful to make a person prominent, thus increase confidence. These products are fragile and sensitive to direct exposure to environmental pollutants. Therefore, hair extensions need packaging to transport them easily from one place to another. The hair extension boxes are essential for providing safety to products. The packaging boxes secure them from any damage.

Varieties Of Hair Extension Packaging Boxes:

One can make the hair extension boxes in versatile ways. There are many types of materials and papers available for packaging. One must build a packaging box that best fits the hair extension. Select the stuff according to the nature and size of hair extensions. Make the packaging that is strong and durable.  One must create catchy and attractive boxes to earn a better customer response. There are many varieties in the market to make packaging boxes. Few suitable methods to make hair extension packaging boxes are outlined as follow:

Customized Packaging:

Customization allows one to personalize everything according to their liking. Manufacturers make hair extensions of different types and styles and then package them in distinguishing ways. For example, some sellers provide hair extensions in varying colors. Then wrap them in multi-color custom boxes. This creates an ambiance that engages customers.

These are usually packaged in square or rectangular boxes. However, the size and shape of the packaging depend upon the length of hair extensions. The custom package must be made of material that makes them secure to move. In custom boxes, one selects everything themselves, such as size, design, color, material, etc. So, it allows one to build boxes according to customer’s preference and benefit.

Ecofriendly Packaging:

Eco-friendly material helps stop the harmful impact on the environment. The most significant factor about such materials is that they are entirely biodegradable. They degrade naturally after some time into the environment. Additionally, such papers are recyclable, which means one can use them repeatedly. We can recycle the worn-out paper and use them for a different purpose.

Examples of eco-friendly paper are Kraft paper or Bux board paper. Both these materials are safe and non-toxic. Also, these are strong and do not get damaged with vigorous handling. Due to these properties, such paper is a reliable option for making hair extension boxes. These will also give extra value to the boxes by marking them as eco-friendly products.

Metalized Packaging:

Metalized boxes are a current trend because they offer superior qualities. These make the boxes strong, durable, resilient, and waterproof. There are two types of such material, custom gold foil boxes, and custom silver foil boxes. These foils not only make the boxes long-lasting but also makes them look luxurious.

The boxes look rich, shiny, and eye-catching with the foil coating. Additionally, these boxes are light in weight. All these characteristics make the metalized packaging a beneficial alternative.  Due to their shiny and glittery look, they naturally allure the customers.  Thus, overall gives a visual impact to your product to draw customers.

Printed Packaging:

Today there are diverse forms of printing styles technologies. Sellers make use of such technology to make unique boxes. One can print various designs on the box to make them look attractive. With printing, one can make specially customized boxes, particularly for the product.

Printing enables one to print any design on the packaging. Thus, printing add value to the brand and its product. Moreover, one can print the logo, description, key features, etc. This helps promote the goods and the label more effectively. In any case, the appearance of the box can be increased in multiple ways through printing.

Convenient Packaging:

One needs to make customer convenient boxes to attract more users. People will prefer if the packaging seems comfortable to use. It should be handy to carry. One can also make it convenient to find by matching the box colors as extensions. The package needs to protect the product so that it does not get damaged. Thus, make durable and long-lasting boxes.

If we make packaging focused on the customer, it will be more valuable for users. Also, one can add a ribbon handle to carry the boxes. One can move the box comfortably with a handle. Due to convenient packaging, everyone will opt for the product.


Therefore, one can make hair extension boxes in various ways, such as customized, eco-friendly, printed, and user-convenient. These will also leave a good impression on customers.



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